Making it Count by Kim Dare

Title: Making It Count
Author: Kim Dare
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 54
Characters: Duncan, Toby
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Duncan’s wanted to do a scene with Toby ever since he met him in their first study group of the year, but when Toby failed to flirt back, or pick up on a single kinky hint, Duncan knew he had no choice but to back off. He always thought that Toby would be interesting if he ever came out of the kinky closet—but it never even occurred to Duncan that he’d suddenly find the boy standing on the doorstep of the club he runs.

Toby’s been fascinated and intimidated by Duncan in equal measure for months. When his flat-mate bails out on a kinky play-date with Duncan at the last moment, Toby’s need overtakes his nervousness. Before he has time to think twice, he’s there, offering himself up as a replacement sub for the night.

This might be the only chance Toby has to fulfill all his fantasies surrounding Duncan—and he’s determined to make it count.


This is a hot little quickie, but there’s not much romance here. There’s sex and spanking, but only one kiss. And there are no vows of love or affection, merely an implication of a growing affair.

Toby wants to be spanked, Duncan wants to spank. But Toby’s a novice, and Duncan throws challenges to him to see how badly Toby wants it. There’s exhibitionism and voyeurism to start with, and more kink as the night progresses.

The writing’s okay, the pace swift, and the spanking culminates the story. The characters come to life as both points of view are represented through inner monologues. The plot consists of Toby’s sexual awakening, as this is a kinky quickie.

Overall, a good, sexy tale of matching kinks and a burgeoning affair.

Reviewed By: Susan


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