Ladders by Hurri Cosmo

Title: Ladders
Author: Hurri Cosmo
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 241
Kisses: 4.5


Rhys has spent his entire life in underground Winderport. He knew there was a whole other world above his “sky” but he wasn’t interested–until the day he chased a killer to that mystical upper world and saw Kullian, all six foot something of perfection. So what if the man was a notorious and powerful Fey Baron? Rhys wasn’t a typical law abiding citizen himself. The very fact the man was dangerous made him that much more attractive and had Rhys wanting things he’d never even considered before.

But an injury causes Rhys to lose his memory and his only clues to his identity are his gun and a camera with pictures of Kullian’s silver eyes looking right into the lens. However, Rhys does have one memory–he was after a murderer and somehow Kullian is involved. It’s a race against time because Rhys needs to find his memory and this mysterious killer before it’s too late. Could it be he might just find love as well?


Ladders, by author Hurri Cosmo, is an action adventure sci-fi set within a world similar, yet totally different, from ours. It tells the story of two men, from completely different backgrounds who are drawn to each other in a way that neither can deny.

Rhys is just one of the many gang leaders who run the underworld city of Winderport. When one of his men is killed, he chases after the killer, never expecting it will lead him above ground to a world that was more than he thought existed.

Kullian is a Fey Baron who runs his domain with an iron fist. When he meets Rhys he is intrigued, and in lust, with the other man. He knows Rhys is more than he seems and does not plan to let the younger man out of his sights until he can figure out just what Rhys is up to.

Ladders was a little hard for me to get into at the start, yet once the story, and the characters pulled me in, I could not wait to see what would happen. The relationships in the book between the various characters are well done and give the book a realistic feel. As for the mystery, the little twists and turns will keep you on your toes, and turning the pages.
Many times when someone is asked to describe the best part of a book they have just read, they will give you a specific account of something that occurred. In Ladders, the best part for me was the connection between Rhys and his underground “family”. This small group of young men and boys are so strongly tied together, that although I could not wait for Kullian and Rhys to find their happily ever after, I hated the idea that this little family would be torn apart. I liked the way the author solved this issue however. I also hope the author plans to bring some of Rhys’ boys back with stories of their own.

I believe this is the first book by this author I have read, but I am sure it won’t be my last. Ladders, after the slow start, turned out to be a will done story. I would recommend anyone who loves the sci-fi sub-genre to give this story a chance as you won’t wait to miss it.

Reviewed by: Lydia
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