Never Again…Again by LA Witt

Title: Never Again…Again
Author: L.A. Witt
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 49
Kisses: 4.5
Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts


Travis has been in love with Mitch since their college days, but they’ve never been able to make it work. While Travis–now an A-list actor–is out, Mitch is not, and they’re both too high-profile to date in secret. Instead, they make do with the occasional hot liaison in the middle of the night in shady, backwoods motels where no one will catch them. And every time they do, Travis promises himself he’s done being the skeleton in Mitch’s closet, and it really will be the last time. Now tonight, he’s had enough. He loves Mitch, but he can’t keep putting himself through this. Just one more hot night together, and then he’s gone…unless Mitch can change his mind before Travis walks out the door forever……….


I loved this short story! When Travis and Mitch are meeting at the motel for the last time…again we can see the passion and love between them, we know that Travis is out and that Mitch cannot come out of the closet so he is losing Travis who finds it too painful to be a dirty secret, but we do not know until the end why Mitch cannot come out.

I was immediately caught up in the few hours of the book is set in. The past was just moments in Travis’s thoughts, but I felt like I knew their history. L.A Witt is just that brilliant of a writer that these few word in this story were well placed and no word was wasted.

Of course I wish this was a longer story but I’m always like that with a good story I don’t want to see end.

I recommend this story.

L.A. Witt is a big part of my personal Library and I have never yet been disappointed in her work.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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