Kissing Santa by Sienna Sway

Title: Kissing Santa
Author: Sienna Sway
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 12
Characters: Aaron, Steve
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Holiday/Christmas, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 4


Aaron has always known how he feels about Steve. He’s sweet, sexy, funny, and for some reason, with Aaron. The innocent Christmas surprise that he’s put on for Aaron’s nephew does something for Aaron too. Seeing Steve dressed up as an inappropriately-sexy Santa raises the desire to go one step further with the man that he loves.

When Steve finds out what Aaron is after — aside from the contents of his pants of course — will it prove to be something that they both want? Does Aaron need to learn how to keep his mouth shut?


Kissing Santa may be nice in an innocent song—but what if Santa isn’t kissing on the lips, and kids are stirring from slumber? Ouch!

Dang, this story ended too soon, just when it was getting good, in many levels. Such a tease! For a short story this has sensual heat and likeable characters, guaranteed to awaken your sense of humor. A worthwhile Christmas read.

Reviewed By: Susan


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