Change of Fortune by A. Morell

Title: Change of Fortune
Author: A. Morell
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 75
Characters: Tomoki, Alex
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Holiday Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Tomoki Yonemura, vocalist with popular British rock band Traction Yen, is celebrating New Year’s Eve in Japan during their tenth anniversary tour when he pulls a fortune at a temple. He thinks nothing of its promises for love in the new year—until back home in London, he meets Alex MacKinzey, a gruff auto mechanic who helps him out of a tight spot.

Neither expects the strength of love that develops throughout the year, but it will be put to the test as Tomoki’s fame clashes with Alex’s insecurities. Fortune brought them together, but will it also tear them apart?


This novella is an unusual book in that it is set in real time. It starts on New Year’s Eve in Japan and finishes on the following New Year’s Eve again in Japan, though the intervening story takes place in England.

Each chapter is titled with the number of a day in that year which gives the reader a clear idea of the passage of time, something that I loved. Too often the time line in romances feels unrealistically rushed and whilst Tomoki and Alex’ attraction is strong and their love grows rapidly, the story also feels realistic in that there are large periods of time when nothing special happens which helps make the story development feel very natural.

Tomoki is a world famous rock star who falls for Alex, a simple garage owner and mechanic. Tomoki loves that their relationship is based in normal everyday life doing ordinary everyday things, like trying to fit dinner at home together into their busy schedules.

From the very beginning Tomoki fears Alex will eventually leave him because of pressures of his fame and the paparazzi papers do nearly destroy the relationship before it’s even had chance to get started, but Alex proves to be more resilient than Tomoki expects.

Inevitably Tomoki’s fame does have an adverse effect on their relationship with Alex feeling increasingly inadequate when he compares his love for Tomoki to the love and devotion heaped on Tomoki by his fans. These feelings and Tomoki’s fear of the consequences are at the heart of this heartwarming story.

If you’re looking for a book filled with raunchy sex scenes then this is not the story for you. If however, you want to read about two men getting to know each other and learning to live their lives together, when one of them has an extraordinary job, all set in a realistic time frame then this is a story and author I highly recommend.

Reviewed By: Smidgeson


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