Finding Myles by Lisa Worrall

Title: Finding Myles
Author: Lisa Worrall
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 61
Characters: Ed, Myles
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday
Kisses: 4


Myles and Ed are broadsided on their way to get married and the accident leaves Myles burned and scarred. For Ed, the injuries don’t matter–Myles is his soul mate. For Myles, everything changes and he disappears, leaving Ed a perfunctory, verbal Dear John–not even delivered by Myles–telling Ed to move on. Ed does the only thing he can–searches frantically for the man he loves. After eight months, and two days before Christmas, an address to a remote cabin, high in the Adirondacks sends Ed on the road to his last hope. Myles better be there… so Ed can convince him they belong together–forever.


I’ve read several books by Ms. Worrall and I’ve enjoyed them all. She writes interesting stories with heroes that are often likeable men. One of the things I really like about Ms. Worrall’s books is that she is able to mix angst with humor, and I often find myself chuckling at some of her character’s sharp and sarcastic wit.

Finding Myles is a good, solid read. Ever since he disappeared, Ed has been looking for Myles for eight months. When they do reunite, things don’t go as smoothly as Ed hoped. Myles is recovering from a devastating car crash that has changed him forever and because he loves Ed, has chosen to leave instead of putting Ed through more tough times and changes that will happen in the future.

What I liked about this story was the banter between the two men. They definitely had a good chemistry together and I enjoyed watching them work through their differences. I understood where both men were coming from and found myself hoping they’d find a way to work it out between them.

Finding Myles
is definitely a sweet, feel-good story that is a good choice if you’re looking for a solid holiday read. I do wish the book had be a tad longer. I felt as if the ending was rushed a little, but all and all this was an easy story to like with two men who clearly deserved a happy ending together.


Reviewed By: Gabbi


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