What Child Is This? by Shawn Bailey

Title: What Child is This?
Author: Shawn Bailey
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 96
Kisses: 5

Christmas, Contemporary, Gay, Holiday Story, Romance


Two very lonely young men find each other, and the meaning of family, during Christmastime in Georgia. Wyatt Ames hires Paris Cullier to help him around the house, but ends up falling in love.

Paris Cullier arrives at the Ames Peach Farm to begin a job as housekeeper. His new boss, Wyatt Ames, is tall, handsome, and just the sweetest guy Paris has ever met. Wyatt’s parents recently died in an accident and left the farm for Wyatt to manage. But it isn’t until he meets Wyatt’s two-year-old, motherless son, Jeff, that Paris realizes he has been sent to the farm for a reason… to help Wyatt make a proper home for his son. Paris has always wanted a family, and for once in his life, he prayed his Christmas wish would come true.


I found What Child Is This by Shawn Bailey to be a sweet and endearing love story and it’s just a perfect read for the Christmas Holidays.

Paris spent his whole life in an orphanage, when he arrived at Wyatt’s peach farm to be a housekeeper he fell in love with Jeff, Wyatt’s 2 year old son and within days was in love with Wyatt also.

Wyatt lost his heart the moment he saw Paris.
There was no angst in this story, just two men falling in love and a precious little boy.

I recommend this book and it will certainly put you in the holiday spirit. If you have not read Shawn Bailey‘s work yet, try this one and her other works you can’t go wrong.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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