Special Order by Sean Michael

Title: Red Velvet Christmas: Special Order
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Changeling Press
Pages: 31
Characters: Brad, Sandy
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, BDSM, Holiday, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Brad loves his partner of ten years, but he and Sandy have fallen into a rut, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Taking the advice of his Wiccan friend, Brad cooks a special love potion into cupcakes in the hopes of spicing up his and Sandy’s love life.

When Sandy turns on the charm and the sex after dinner, Brad is overjoyed that his magical cupcakes have done the trick. Or have they? Either way, it just might be a very happy Christmas this year.


Sean Michael is a master when it comes to writing erotic romance. Whew! For a short story, this book packed a lot of hot, erotic punch!

Brad and Sandy are a happily established couple, but lately things have been a little predictable in the bedroom, but when Brad is told about this special potion that is supposed to re-flame the passion in their lovemaking, it’s something that Brad can’t refuse. But at the end of the day, will the erotic night they spent together just be a spell or will it be the true passion that’s been simmering between them?

I loved this story. It has everything I look for when it comes to reading an erotic romance. Between the intense chemistry the two heroes had together and the erotic love scenes, this reader definitely felt the need to turn off the heat so I could cool off for a while.

One of the things I really liked about it was the true feelings of affection and love the two men felt for each other. I thought Mr. Michael really did a great job at showing how much they not only cared for one another, but was still physically attracted to each other as well. The lovemaking between them was very physical, but it also held an emotional tone to it that really captured the essence that these two men were really in love.

Although it is tagged as a BDSM romance, please don’t by put off by this tag. The BDSM is very light and shouldn’t put off readers who really don’t care for that genre.

Special Order by Sean Michael is an erotic romance that truly captures the rekindling romance between an establish couple. I loved every minute I spent reading this book and was thrilled by it’s happy ending. Fans and new readers of Mr. Michael will surely enjoy this hot and romantic story.


Reviewed By: Gabbi


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