The Good Life by Sean Michael

Title: The Good Life
Author: Sean Michael
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 42
Kisses: 2


When Jack Henneson’s Uncle Billy dies, he inherits the man’s ranch. Unfortunately, Jack doesn’t know anything about ranching. All he does know is that between inheritance and land taxes, the place is going to put him into bankruptcy in short order.

Pacer Williams was more than just Uncle Billy’s right-hand man. The two of them considered each other family, and Uncle Billy had promised the ranch would go to Pacer when he died. That happened before the will could be changed, though, and when Jack comes in, looking to sell, Pacer can’t afford to buy the place, and the antagonism between the two men grows from there.

Can the men find a middle ground before they either kill each other or both lose the ranch forever?


What type of book is it? M/M Contemporary Western Romance

What is it about? Jack has too much on his plate when he takes over his deceased uncles ranch. It’s not easy, as he has no idea how to run a ranch and it doesn’t help that it’s been running in the red. Jack also has to deal with his mothers death, her estate, his own properties and the fact he had to take an extended leave of work without pay.
Ranch foreman Pacer is trying to continue running the ranch, as he has been there over 20 years. It was assumed that he would get the ranch, Uncle Bill never got around to getting the will changed. Because of Jack’s ‘green-horn’ ways, he and Pacer are constantly at each other’s throats. It’s not until Christmas that there seems to be a truce.
I loved all the tension the arguing created and I was at the edge of my seat just waiting for the ‘big pay-off’ when those two hot heads would end up in bed. But that never happens. The reader can assume it happened – but we never read about the glorious details. Because of that, I felt a bit let down.

The best bit was… All the arguing. It was so intense! It kept building and building. The flow was just right on and I kept wondering how Jack was going to screw up again.

Who would you recommend his for? M/M western romance, cowboy lovers and those readers who don’t mind no sex in their stories.

Have you read any other books by this author? I have a ton of books by this author and this is why I was surprised that the story had no lovemaking.

Reviewed By: Dawn

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