The Prisoner by Kol Anderson

Title: Broken, Book One: The Prisoner
Author: Kol Anderson
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 99
Characters: Aaron, Vincent, Sebastian
Sub-Genre: BDSM, Violence
Kisses: 4


Aaron Taylor has been working at an escort company for the past six months. Just when life seems to have gotten better and he is beginning to think that he has a grasp of this line of work, his handler sends him to a new client. Vincent Greene looks like he might just be Aaron’s best client yet but he doesn’t know the extent of Vincent’s cruelty.


Aaron is working as an escort and is trying to better his life, he has clients on a regular basis but there is one special one Sebastian whom he has special feelings for.

Sebastian knows Aaron is special but he is married to Eric who has been cheating on him, Sebastian cares for both men.

Aaron has a meeting scheduled with a new client Vincent and it all goes so wrong. Vincent beats and drugs Aaron who passes out and wakes beaten and locked in a cell.

Vincent has big money clients who will pay for a personal sex slave, and plans to train the beautiful Aaron to be that slave.

Aaron is raped, tortured and turned into a drug addict he tries to commit suicide and is not allowed to die.

Aaron tries to hang onto to memories of Sebastian and the hope that he will be rescued!

Vincent is starting to have feelings for Aaron but continues having him raped and tortured, a client has already paid for Aaron and Vincent must deliver him.

Sebastian cannot get Aaron out of his mind and just knows foul play is involved. He contacts a friend of his who is a cop to find out what has happened to Aaron, and he finally tells his husband Eric what is going on, Eric is very angry but decides to help locate Aaron.

This story is very well written and is the first part of a ongoing story. As you can tell, there is a lot going on, but the author did a good job at keeping this reader’s attention. I must give a few words of warning to our readers, there is a lot of violence in this book. There is a rape and the hero is tortured so this content might make you uncomfortable.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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