Harker by Kris Andersson

Title: Harker
Author: Kris Andersson
Publisher: House of Erotica Books
Pages: 64
Characters: Jonathan Harker, Count Dracula, Robbie Renfield
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Vampires, Historical
Kisses: 3.75


In the spring of 1897, young solicitor Jonathan Harker leaves behind his fiancée Mina and his Rent Boy lover Renfield and sets off on a business trip from London to the distant Carpathian Mountains.

What begins as a sexual adventure, however, soon becomes a journey into terror as Harker falls victim to dark forces and is unable to resist the depraved authority of his host and captor, the mysterious and charismatic Count Dracula.

Bram Stoker may have told the official version of the Dracula myth but only now can Harker himself speak out about the lust-fuelled, all-consuming, life draining power of an unstoppable force, Nosteratu…the undead!


The prologue suggests the tale of Dracula is vastly different from Stoker’s version. Yet, from what I read, the only differences were that all the main male players were gay, and what ultimately happens to Harker. In essence, this novella gives little that is new or shocking. This is merely a gay version of the part of the story where Harker played a part, leaving Dracula’s tale cut in the middle.

Harker is sent to Transylvania to meet with Count Dracula about the purchase of Carfax Abbey. In London and throughout his trip he has sex with several men, all encounters described in vivid details. This is pure erotica. For example, Harker’s lover in London is Renfield, and they have plenty of sex. The Count and his three male vampire companions keep Harker in the castle for months, weakening him with endless bouts of sex and blood draining, until he escapes—and his fate is predictable once he drinks Dracula’s blood.

The story moves from one erotic scene to the next rather quickly. Harker’s narrative shows a young man who believes love between two men, or more, is ultimate ecstasy. When he reaches Transylvania, the strange happenings frighten him, but he succumbs to the sex, time and again. This isn’t a romance; he falls for the sexual dimension of love and to the truth of his hidden nature.

There are a couple of editing issues, but overall the writing is detailed and evocative, done in mimicry of Stoker’s work, imagery, dialogue and transpiring events. The plot is not very intricate but keeps up enough pace to hold a reader’s interest. The characterization lacks depth, not really showing us the motivations of Renfield or Dracula. Like I said, this is pure erotica, a sensual fantasy.

Overall, an average vampire story with a few intriguing quirks and erotic tension throughout.

Reviewed By: Susan


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