Bottoms Up by Etienne

Title: About a Bottoms, Book One: Bottoms Up
Author: Etienne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 250
Kisses: 5
Contemporary, Gay


About a Bottoms: Book One An Avondale Story

RN First Assistant Chris Bottoms enjoys being a bottom. Though abused by his stepfather as a boy and conditioned to enjoy sex only one particular way, he’s come to make the most of his life. And he enjoys bottoming—to the hilt—whenever and wherever he can.

As if colorectal cancer wasn’t enough of a trial, the subsequent botched surgery robs him of normal bodily functions—no more prostate massage for Chris. In the middle of his medical drama, his best friend, Mickey O’Donovan, accepts a promotion that brings him to live in Jacksonville. Roommates in college, they’ve remained friends and occasional fuck buddies ever since. Chris’s crisis brings their relationship to a new level, though, and long-suppressed feelings are

Chris and Mickey settle down together and life is good, even though they can no longer indulge in their favorite sexual position. But Chris can’t seem to catch a break. When his past rears its head, Chris and Mickey must face a new challenge, together.


The Blurb tells you what this story is about. I found it a little hard at first to get into the story but I hung in there and was richly rewarded.

This story was well written and the Author did the research need to include the medical jargon scattered throughout, while taking some poetic license which is acknowledged.

Chris is very promiscuous, and loves sex but to tell the story of what he lost we must see what his life style has been. One constant in his life since college has been his best friend and occasional lover Mickey.

The love story of Mickey and Chris is so touching and Mickey stayed by his side throughout Chris’s Medical nightmare and their love only grew and solidified.

I loved meeting all the couples of Avondale, they immediately took Chris into their circle and became true friends that Chris had only ever known before with Mickey.

I liked how the sexual abuse in Chris’s past was acknowledged and dealt with through counseling though not dwelt on.

This is an inspiring story and I can’t wait to read the stories of the men of Avondale.

I highly recommend this story.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

1 Comment

  1. Thank you so much for that great review. I enjoyed creating this story, even though the medical portion of it detailed what happened to a friend of mine. As stated in the book, I did so with his permission, and he approved the medical portions of the story.


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