Cowboy Mine by Remmy Duchene

Title: Cowboy Mine
Author: Remmy Duchene
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 151
Characters: Jake Salvatore, Dusty Parker
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Cowboys, Erotic romance
Kisses: 3.75


Champion bull-rider Dusty Parker has come back home during his break to savour some down time. But his stay is anything but uneventful when a snowstorm strands him with shy friend Jake, and Dusty experiences the ride of his life.

High school history teacher, Jake Salvatore has been in love with champion bull-rider Dusty Parker for years but has never found the courage to tell his friend how he feels. To enjoy some down time, Dusty comes back to his small hometown during his winter break, but Dusty’s stay is anything but restful. An unexpected snowstorm strands Jake and Dusty together and despite the cold winter night things heat up. Jake has to face his shyness and his apprehensions from a traumatic childhood. Can Dusty convince his lover that their relationship is worth the work so that they can both experience the ride of their lives?


This is an interracial, friends to lovers story. Teacher Jake has had a rough childhood—and his secret IS a whopper!—but he’s told none of it to Dusty, the bull rider he has crushed on since teenage years. A snow storm forces the two men to share an isolated cabin for a couple of days, and the status quo changes in a big way. But Jake has deep-rooted insecurity issues and Dusty is impatient and has a temper. Not a match made in heaven. Once they return to their normal lives everything’s different.

The characterization is done well. We get to know both men rather well. Both men stand out as individuals. And the side characters—Jake’s friend Mack and Dusty’s sister Bess—add lively dialogue and wise counsel to the mix. With each other Jake and Dusty talk about unimportant things, until they are forced to deal with the consequences of their reckless actions. This provides the relationship tension.

The pace is swift, with a balance between conversations, actions, and sex. The plot consists of resolving trust issues, a big miscommunication, and Jake’s emotional issues as well Dusty’s first ever falling in love. So, not very intricate; a basic romance. The writing is emotionally poignant as befitting a character-driven tale. What annoyed me was starting a new chapter and saying he this, he that, without identifying who he was. I assumed he would be the person from the last chapter—but it was another person. Very confusing. Identifying characters is never a bad thing, so….

So, overall, a rather good erotic romance about two people who think they know each other and themselves well, only to find the answers in falling in love, trusting that things do work out, and having faith in being deserving of love.

Reviewed By: Susan


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