Arresting Love by Shawn Lane

Title: Arresting Love
Author: Shawn Lane
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 31
Kisses: 4
Contemporary Alternative (m/m) Romance


Aspiring chef, Taylor Gershwin, needs a new place to live and someone in his friend’s apartment building is advertising for a roommate.

It sounds perfect. He’d be close to his best friend and it’s not too far from his job as a short order cook and the chef school he attends. Sure the guy he’d be roommates with, Mike Hanovan, is something of a Neanderthal. A big brawny guy with a snake tattoo who also happens to be a Vice Cop…and hot as hell.


Taylor is absolutely adorable, he collects stuffed animals, wears make up on occasions and has bipolar disorder.

Mike is a big tough vice cop who can’t believe how beautiful Taylor is, but he’s a little confused about the stuffed animals, make up and the Taylor’s bipolar disorder.

In this short story, the sex is hot and once the misconceptions about each other are cleared up, the decision to try a relationship is decided upon and yes…the sex is still hot!

I liked this story and it is left up to our imaginations where the future takes them two men.

Shawn Lane is always a delight to read, I recommend this story.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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