With His Yoga Instructor by Morgan King

Title: With His Yoga Instructor (Moving On series book 2)
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Author: Morgan King
Pages: 88
Kisses: 4.5


Moving On, 2

Blake is the yoga instructor of Jamie’s dreams. He’s gorgeous, funny, smart, and has a body to die for. There is no way he’d be interested in someone like Jamie, or so the voice inside Jamie’s head says. The same voice that believed all the nasty things his ex, Dan, said.
Jamie is so cute, and shy. Blake just wants to give him a big hug, protect him and then fuck him in that very sexy arse of his. How can he convince Jamie to give him a chance, especially when it becomes clear Blake has his own insecurities that he’ll need Jamie’s help to overcome?
When Dan decides he was a fool to let Jamie go, do Blake and Jamie trust and love each other enough to be what the other needs?


What type of book is it? M/M contemporary romance

What is it about? This was a wonderful romance built around Jamie and Blake. Jamie’s belief in himself is somewhat shattered, due to the mind games of his ex, Dan. Jamie is trying to better himself in all areas of his life, including taking up some healthy habits such as yoga. It is through his new classes that Jamie meets Blake.

Blake, the yoga teacher, is a well-rounded guy whose one hang-up is he isn’t up to having men over to his home. Which is kind of a trust issue, though he doesn’t recognize that until nearly the end of the book.
While the romance – shaky in the beginning – between Jamie and Blake starts to develop, in comes Dan to screw things up. I truly didn’t know what was going to happen, as Dan really threw a monkey wrench between our beloved heroes.

The best bit was… watching Jamie grow more confident in himself and when Dan finally gets what is coming to him! Oh, and the sex scenes were hot too.

Who would you recommend his for? Anyone who loves a m/m story where one of the characters is getting over a break up, or a great romance complete with hot sex and an ex to piss you off.

Have you read any other books by this author? No, but since I really enjoyed this story, there is the first book in the Moving On series – With His Handyman, which I plan to read next.

Reviewed by: Dawn

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