Centurion by Lee Brazil

Title: Centurion
Author: Lee Brazil
Publisher: Lime Time Books
Pages: 23
Characters: Gaius Priscus, Salicar
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Historical, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 3.5


“Can I be yours?”

Centurion Gaius Priscus has had his fill of war and death but knows no other life. When he meets the captive Salicar’s gaze after battle, months of stringent self-denial catch up to him in a blazing rush of need.

Salicar is a healer, an educated man unused to battle but with his own experience of death. He should prefer death to captivity, but cannot find the courage to make it happen.

Will the hardened warrior, tired of death and destruction, deny his captive’s plea?


This story is simply too short to invest in. Just when the story could have begun, it ended. I love stories from ancient Rome but this lacked depth. Don’t get me wrong, this story works as an erotic quickie. But in the emotional sense our appetites were whetted, and then left unsated. There was so much more I wanted to learn, to see if these two could make it past the few days ahead.

The men are basically caricatures. The centurion and his captive. If that’s all you want from the story, then you’re delivered a hot little romp in a tent, fiery passion and good sex. If you want deeper emotional contact and the Roman times as more than a backdrop, than that’s not what you’re going to find here. Again, don’t get me wrong, we get some background to these men, but without much point since the story is so short.

Nonetheless, despite my gripes about the length, this works well as an erotic fantasy in a historical setting. The centurion shows he’s not entirely without compassion and his captive learns the kind of man he ultimately is.

Reviewed By: Susan


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