The Mark of the Dragon by Derek Adams

Title: Fever Dreams, Book 1: The Mark of the Dragon
Author: Derek Adams
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Pages: 24
Characters: Grant Foster, The Punk (Dragon)
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Erotic Romance
Kisses: 4


Honor student Grant Foster’s life spins quickly out of control after a steamy encounter with a mysterious stranger.
Honor student Grant Foster is resigned to following the in footsteps of his father and his older brother until his life is upended by a mysterious stranger with a dragon tattoo. Grant fights the growing attraction he feels for the man he and his friends have dubbed The Punk, but finds himself caught up in his spell. When Grant moves to end the situation, he is swept away by a tide of lustful passion he is powerless to deny.


I’ve read a few of Derek Adams books and I’ve enjoyed them all. Mr. Adams writes erotic, sexy stories that leave you panting for more. Mr. Adams does not disappoint in this short story, The Mark of the Dragon. At just under 25 pages, it has enough erotic content to make you want to turn off the heat switch it over to the air conditioner! Whew!

At first glance one might think that Grant Foster has it all. He’s popular, smart and falling into the expected footsteps that his family expects of him. When he catches the eye of the ‘Punk’ in the shower, life as he knows it will never be the same.

The story is told through Grant’s eyes. Because of this, we really get a feel that there is more to Grant than meets the eye. Although he does what is expected of him, he’s restless and unsure that doing what is expected of him is really the right thing for him. When he and meets the sexy man with the dragon tattoo, (who he and his friends have nicknamed him ‘The Punk’) Grant is swept up into the desire and attraction he feels for him. Being with this man really brings out Grant’s inner desires and makes him want to branch out and be himself.

Because this is Grant’s story we learn very little about the mysterious man. But we do learn that because of him, Grant becomes freer to be himself. I admit, I do wish the book had been longer. It does end rather abruptly, and left me wanting to know more about them and what was in store for them. (Shhh…Between us, I’m secretly hoping for a sequel!)

If you are looking for a hot, erotic short story then this book is definitely for you. It would be a great choice in you’re in the mood to read about a hot encounter on a cold winter’s night.


Reviewed By: Gabbi


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