Below the Boarder by RW Clinger

Title: Below the Boarder
Author: R.W. Clinger
Publisher: JMS Books
Pages: 69
Characters: Dayton O’Hare, Nino Spiro, Michael Block
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Ménage
Kisses: 3.5


When sexy mechanic Dayton O’Hare moves into professor Nino Spiro’s home as a boarder, the two men are attracted to each other and romance blooms between them. Then Dayton meets landscaper Michael Block, and what unravels is quite simple: Dayton lands the landscaper, breaking Nino’s heart.

But Nino keeps close tabs on Dayton and his new paramour. As summer unfolds, Nino indulges in voyeuristic fun, watching the two men at sexual play.

The dynamics between the three men change dramatically when Block starts seeing Nino behind Dayton’s back. As their relationship develops, Block drops a bombshell — he and Dayton want to share Nino as a lover. Will they be able to make a threesome work?


We get the story from Nino’s first person point of view. As usual with this author, we get lots of super hot sex, and this time with three men in various combinations. Nino never thinks about love or boyfriends or lovers—until he meets Dayton, the younger man. Nino may be the older daddy type but he’s the one being taken. But Dayton doesn’t love Nino and doesn’t want a relationship. Then Dayton meets Michael, and he leaves Nino. Nino realizes he’s in love so he spies on the two young men together, wishing Dayton back and seeing Michael as his rival. Then one day Nino suddenly finds Michael on his backyard, and a fling ensues. Now what?

The problem with this story is the characterization. We get great insight into Nino, how he begins to want more than sex, and the pain of dating and sharing his love with another man. But Dayton and especially Michael are nothing but surface, mere stereotypes of gorgeous young bucks whose greatest assets are their nine and ten inch dicks. There’s very little dialogue here that would help us get to know these young men, especially when they decide a threesome on a permanent basis is warranted. Why? Heck if I know! Pretty much the only two talking are Nino and his friend Craig, a happy sugar-daddy for two go-go boys. And no, none of these people become deeper or more realistic than that. So I have to conclude this story is pure fantasy, where older men get pretty boys, where no talking is ever necessary for happy-ever-after, and where great sex is the depth and breadth of human relationships. Huh. Who’da thunkit?

As an erotic novella this serves its purpose with ease. There’s plenty of sex and the erotic imagery is visceral and the sexual vocabulary descriptive and extensive. The pace is swift enough to not get bogged down and the style erotically charged throughout. These men walk with boners most of the time and are ready for sex at the drop of a hat. Any hat. If sex is what you’re looking for, then this is the book for you. If you want a realistic, believable contemporary romance with great dialogue, then seek elsewhere.

Overall, an above average sex romp from an author who delivers down and dirty sex on a platter. Nino’s character, though sex-crazed, is at least given some much needed depth as the protagonist. If you like seeing a player fall hard and fast, then you’ll like this.

Reviewed By: Susan


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