Brothers with Benefits by William Cooper

Title: Brothers With Benefits
Author: William Cooper
Publisher: Stiff Rain Press
Pages: 67
Characters: Josh, Erick
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Twincest, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 3.5


Josh is secretly in love with Erick. How could he not be? Erick is sweet, funny, smart, and as wonderful as he is handsome. He’s simply everything Josh could ever want in a man. Plus, there’s no one in the world that knows or understands him better. After all, Josh and Erick have been friends and companions for as long as either can remember.

But Josh is sure that he’ll never find the right opportunity to share his feelings with Erick.

However, everything changes when Josh creates a profile on the popular online social network, Visive Encounters, a video chat website that randomly arranges face-to-face meetings with strangers via webcam. One night, in a collision of fate and software algorithms, Josh is more than surprised when his monitor reflects a mirror image…his random connection is none other than the object of his desire, his twin brother Erick.

With only a screen of pixels separating them, will Josh finally be able to confess his more-than-brotherly feelings to his twin? Will a lifetime of memories be enough to hold the brothers together?


The problem with this story isn’t the twincest—after all, I knew that coming in—but the speed with which everything transpires.

Josh has a huge crush on his twin, unfulfilled, probably not helped by Erick constantly prancing around shirtless. Then one night a video chats brings the twin brothers together for a mutual jerk-off—which turns into a live jerk-off when Josh realizes who he’s chatting with and takes a risk. After that, once the initial after-awkwardness is dealt with, the two men decide to start a relationship, including coming out as gay lovers.

The story is given in first person, from Josh’s point of view alone. The pace is really quick, and somewhat implausible. These twins are in their twenties, but all his life Josh has believed Erick to be straight. In this story, Erick has sex with women. And yet he has also unbeknownst wanted Josh all this time. I find it a bit hard to believe that they could have passed their horny teenage years without giving their desires for the other away. In any case, Erick is apparently bisexual. His point of view, as he makes a huge life change, would have been very welcomed here. Now, his side isn’t given and we can’t emotionally connect with the character as he basically uproots his whole way of life.

This story’s about more than sex too. There’s an unnecessary women stalker subplot and also a coming out aspect which was a lot more interesting. I just wish the first had been dropped entirely and the second given more depth. In fact, the story overall needs more depth instead of melodrama.

The writing’s good and efficient, so there’s nothing wrong in that regard. I find myself wishing Mr. Cooper would write a longer, more in-depth piece. As is, this novella has too much happening for such a short story. Nonetheless, for a twincest romance—and this is more a romance of forever kind of love than pure erotica—this one’s okay, above average.

Reviewed By: Susan


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