Roping Cowboys by RW Clinger

Title: Stockton County Cowboys Book 3: Roping Cowboys
Author: R.W. Clinger
Publisher: JMS Books
Pages: 111
Characters: Dixon Pierce, Gray McKeever
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Western/Cowboys
Kisses: 3.75


Artist and former actor turned Midwestern country boy, Dixon Pierce, has fallen head over heels in love with cowboy Gray McKeever at Glock Ranch in Stockton County. The two cowboys plan to get married, with an extraordinary wedding service and reception to follow.

While Dixon works on art, Gray runs a hot sauce company called Roping Cowboys in downtown Tulsa. Both are occupied with their careers, but always come together in the evening hours for some heavy-duty, cowboy romp-time between the sheets.

But trouble lurks in their relationship when Dixon learns that Gray’s ex-boyfriends Toby wants to steal back the hot sauce creating cowboy. Then Dixon catches Gray and Toby in a compromising position, and all hell breaks loose.

Dixon pulls himself away from his art and upcoming art show to try to rein in his cowboy and future husband. But Toby is not about to lose Gray a second time.

Gray is torn between the two men. He loves Dixon, but seeing Toby again reignited the flame he once held. Will he be able to choose one cowboy over the other before Dixon and Toby come to blows over him?


There’s an awful lot of telling, not showing, in this tale of an engagement falling apart by a perceived infidelity of one fiancé. I did eventually get used to the way Dixon tells the story from his first person perspective, but the beginning was a long list of wedding plans, possible relationship problems, and character descriptions. A bit boring… but the story did pick up toward the end.

For once the first person POV works because it means the reader doesn’t automatically know whether Gray has been unfaithful with his ex-boyfriend, Toby the prick. Yet, even after saying that, I wished I had gotten to know Gray better than the fact he has a nine-inch dick. Call me crazy, but I happen to think the measure of man isn’t merely below his belt. In fact, these heroes are a bit one-dimensional all around.

The pace could have been quicker in the beginning, but the writing works for a narrative-type storytelling. Especially the sexual language is inventive and raunchy, even though some sex scenes are only skimmed and left to the imagination.

Overall, the story matches the rest of the series, offering another solid, slightly above average cowboy tale. A good quick read.

Reviewed By: Susan


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