Wicked Harvest by Shawn Bailey

Title: Wicked Harvest
Author: Shawn Bailey
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 74
Kisses: 5
Fantasy, Gay, Halloween, Holiday story, Romance


Death and Grim, masters of the underworld, pair a senior reaper, Jonathan Kennedy, with Morgan, a prince of the Seelie Court, for the annual Soul Harvest. The mean-spirited Jonathan doesn’t want a partner–until he lays eyes on the handsome fairy prince.

Morgan’s good looks captivate Jonathan and he lets the fae know who’s boss by ravishing him in the bedroom on the morning before the hunt. Swept away by Jonathan’s great body, Morgan promises he won’t pull any pranks while they work together. Morgan wants to become Jonathan’s apprentice after the harvest and he means to keep his word.

Morgan gets a little nervous when they travel to Asia with Automos, a death angel, especially when they’re up to their armpits in tragic events and Morgan learns his magic is useless against a natural catastrophe.

Death wonders if he’s done the right thing by partnering up the duo and hopes Morgan won’t freeze up when Jonathan needs him. But Morgan has a few tricks up his sleeve.


Wicked Harvest is a fun fantasy story.
A contest on Halloween night on how many souls can be collected, Jonathan was dreading teaching a Fay, Magician how to reap souls until he met Morgan.

The instant attraction between Jonathan and Morgan is explosive and leads to some very scorching, steamy sex that riveting!

I loved this book, though it is a Halloween story, it is such a fun tale it can be enjoyed anytime!

I easily recommend this book and I know you will enjoy reading about Grim Reapers, Death Angels, Fae, and Magic mixed with sexy scenes and great humor.

If you have not read Shawn Bailey start here because I know you will not stop here.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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