Hard as Stone by Rory Ni Coileain

Title: Hard as Stone
Author: Rory Ni Coileain
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Pages: 203
Characters: Kevin Almstead, Tiernan Guaire
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: M/M, Fae, Fantasy
Kisses: 5


Kevin Almstead is a lawyer, facing the end of his career before it’s even begun. Trying to escape a bleak future, he indulges a whim and checks out Purgatory, the hottest all-male sex club in Washington, D.C. In the space of a few short minutes, he’s seduced by his first man… and by living magick.

Tiernan Guaire bears the scars of a kinslayer and the marks of the agonizing passage through the portal that exiled him to the human world from the Realm of the Fae. Nearly destroyed by love, he swore a bitter oath never to fall victim to it again. But he’s irresistibly drawn to a dark-eyed human who threatens the fragile peace he’s found.

Together, Kevin and Tiernan must face the deadliest enemy of the Fae race, as well as the greed and evil trying to rob Kevin of his good name and everything he’s worked for. But first, they both have to come to terms with what they are. Two halves of a shared soul.


Tiernan was betrayed by the very person whom he had killed for to protect her honor, removed from his home and sent through the void to earth to exist with only half his soul intact.

Kevin, a lawyer who does everything right, works constantly and still gets turned down for a partnership, goes to a club, Puratory, to drown his sorrows and meets a beautiful, sexy, blond who will change his life forever…..

These two men, one who never knew he could love a man, and one who never thought he could love again find each other. They will need each other to fight the human evil that wants to take everything away from Kevin, and the inhuman evil that will destroy Kevin to get to Tiernan

I have not read Rory Ni Coileain before, but now that I have, I will again hopefully again, many times.

This book was very well written, the story line was riveting, caught me up from the first page and held me to last page. The sex scenes were page pausing, you don’t want to miss one detail of them.

So would I recommend this book? Well to quotes a line from it (Hells to the yeah!)

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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