Nate by Edward Kendrick

Nate Beckett was once a Phoenix undercover operative until things went terribly wrong and his faith in his abilities was destroyed. As a result, for the last four years he’s been sharing his condo in New Orleans with an opinionated cat while working as a bartender at a local club. Then he is unwillingly drawn back in to the Phoenix operation when another operative vanishes and Gary Langley comes to the city, seeking Nate’s assistance to stop a drug cartel enforcer.

Can Nate, with the help of his part-time lover, Danny Walker, find the internal strength he thought was gone for good in order to put an end to the enforcer’s reign of death?

He’ll have to if he’s going to keep Danny safe and discover the ruling force within the drug cartel; the person who runs the cartel, and the enforcer, with an iron hand.

Heat Index: Heat IndexHeat IndexHeat Index

Series Name: A Phoenix Rising Story Release Date: 11/16/2013

Genres: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Gay, Romance

ISBN: 9781622320813

Cover Artist: Reese Dante

List Price: $7.19

Club Price: $5.99

Savings: $1.20 (20%)

You Earn: 12 reward points

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