Lethal Obsession: Deserted by Michele L. Montgomery

lethal obsession deserted cover 2

Lethal Obsession: Deserted Now Available!!


Lucca Renaldo lives the life of luxury. His wealthy Italian parents are successful attorneys who provide him with everything money can buy, but money can’t buy everything. Something is missing in young Lucca’s life. He yearns to feel something, to become something more than the carbon copy of his parents. As Lucca tries to gain his footing and establish himself as an individual, he delves into the world of BDSM, grasping for guidance. He needs a controlling force in his life, someone who cares enough for him to do more than throw money at him. Someone who will love him for who he really is.

When Lucca strikes out on his own, fleeing his parents’ home in the dead of night, he crosses the Atlantic and plants himself dead center in the United States. He quickly becomes fascinated by the Denver BDSM scene, and it doesn’t take long for him to get noticed. He’s the hottest young sub in the circuit, and he’s finally gained the thing he’s aspired to achieve: independence.

But with independence comes responsibility. And the night life isn’t always safe, particularly the dark corridors and dungeons of the BDSM lifestyle. When he finds himself in over his head, penniless and alone, he vows not to crawl back to his parents. He’s a survivor, and he’s determined to do whatever is necessary to make it on his own.

Carl Giordano is a special agent. He’s brought down some of the world’s most notorious criminals. He’s the best of the best, and he doesn’t have time for frivolous domestic cases.  When his boss contacts him and assigns him to a special mission–track down a runaway from an important Italian family–Carl is understandably insulted. Reluctantly he accepts the case, but vows to snag the kid and get the job done as quickly as possible.

Everything changes, though, for both Carl and Lucca when they come face to face. Carl is still reeling from the loss of the only man he ever really cared about, and he swears he’ll never again fall in love. Lucca swears he’ll never sacrifice his own independence. But for some reason the two are drawn together, and Carl comes to realize it’s not going to be so easy to return the young sub to his parents.

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Also Available Now!!

XBAR_ebook_final (2)

“Unless things have changed since the beginning of time, it’s not even remotely possible for two guys to make a baby. A family of two, yes, but not three.”

Being a straight, single man wanting to adopt in today’s society is hard enough. Not being straight? Whole new level. Red tape, classes, interviews, not to mention the expense, drive so many away with shattered dreams.

Steven comes from money, has a degree in business management, even though he’s chosen to work as a bar tender, he believes making a family can be done. He’s determined to do it, with or without longtime lover Jorge.

At thirty-four, it’s time. Fate, of course, has other plans. His haunting past, and the brutal grind of daily life all have the power to destroy both the life he has with Jorge and the family he’s trying to build. Determination might not be enough to keep his dream of a family alive.

XBar is about a man finding the truth in lies, lies in truths, and learning how to be stronger than he ever thought possible.

Based on a true story.

Available here: Amazon

Available at T2B Bookstore

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