Webs by M. Raiya

Title: Webs
Author: M. Raiya
Publisher: Changeling Press
Pages: 58
Characters: Jared, Lore, Stramorden alien
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Erotic Romance, Novella, Science Fiction, Futuristic, Menage, BDSM, Gay
Kisses: 5


He wakes nameless, without memory, and in chains. He expects death. Instead, he falls in love. Not once, but twice. The passion that binds the three men will not only change their lives, but change the whole galaxy. That is, if they escape the webs they’re caught in.


OMG, I loved this and whilst it may have been the first story I’ve read by M. Raiya, it will most definitely not be the last.

Being written in the first person, as Jared, the main character learns about the world he is trapped in so do we. We learn that he has no memory, that although he injures himself early on, he heals quickly with the help of alien technology and drugs. Despite his early confusion we learn along with him that deep down he enjoys the freedom of no memory and no choice. We feel his connection to his captor followed by his fierce loyalty to the man he is partnered with. As he experiences his first alien enhanced orgasm my knees went weak right along with his and just as he craved more, I too wanted more.

When Jared finally regains his memories I wanted to hit him for being a jerk, but also hug him for his instinctive forethought that ensured he spoke with his alien captor before it was too late. And when we were left with a satisfying ending I wanted to hug the writer too and say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you.’

It had everything I love all rolled into one short brilliant read: predicament bondage, alien technology designed to enhance the sexual experience, space ships, a rescue mission, respected main characters who despite being badasses show compassion and care for the people under their command. Most importantly it had scorching hot, kinky sex and a happy ending.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank M. Raiya and Changeling Press for brightening my morning with this little tale of hotness.

As you can perhaps tell, I really loved this little story and will happily tell the world to go read it right now. Personally I’m off for a cold shower and then I’ll probably head back to page one and devour it all again!

Reviewed By: Smidgeson.


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