The Blight by Missouri Dalton

Title: The Blight
Author: Missouri Dalton
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 192
Characters: Noah/Neiren, Emrys, Sakari, Hannah/Heulwen
POV: First person
Sub-Genre: fantasy, mmmf
Kisses: 3


Noah Abbott isn’t crazy, but most people think he is. When he was younger, Noah saw a something that still haunts his nightmares. A walking monstrosity like a giant made of swamp land — a troll. Ever since that day, his life has been controlled by his fear of the things he sees. He’s stuck in a rut, working in a box factory after getting out psychiatric care. He gets a hand up when Christian, fellow deviant, decides to take their relationship a step further.

Noah can’t imagine his life changing any more than that, until he meets Hannah Regent, a girl who can see the goblins and trolls too. Trouble follows fast for the new friends, as the troll from Noah’s past rears his ugly head again and Noah’s lifelong question, why me? is finally answered. Noah’s not human, never has been. He’s an elf, and there’s a war going on that he’s in the middle of whether he likes it or not. With fellow elf Hannah, and the timely aid of the goblin king, Noah is about to set off on a real adventure.

He’s just not sure he’s the hero in this story.


This was a fun novel to read, it reminded me of some kinky D & D roleplaying I’ve done in the past. The dialog was snappy and the action fast paced. The characters were interesting, though the relationship in the blurb didn’t pan out.

If you like fantasy and a horny little elf (and who doesn’t?), then this is a book for you.

Reviewed By: Dawn


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