Road to Revenge by Mell Eight

Title: Road to Revenge
Author: Mell Eight
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Pages: 148
Characters: Rafi, Mihi
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary , Mystery
Kisses: 4


Rafi only wanted to spend a relaxing day in Tel Aviv with his lover, Mihi. When a bomb goes off outside the restaurant where they stopped for lunch, killing several people and leaving Mihi in critical condition, Rafi vows to catch the culprits and make them pay. Set on revenge, Rafi accepts an assignment to infiltrate a group of humanitarians to figure out which of them was responsible—and to stop whatever they’re planning next.


Road to Revenge
is a well written, interesting story that involves extremes in terrorism and humanitarian causes that are brought to light through a love story of two men, Rafi and Mihi.

I would have loved to read more about this interesting couple. With Mihi in a hospital bed throughout the story, there is a great mixture of angst and tenderness that I enjoyed. It was clear that the love these two share went very deep.

To take a subject as deeply disturbing as suicide bombing and murder of innocent people and weave a love story throughout while explaining the volatile climate in the Middle East takes a very talented and well informed writer. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it.

Reviewed by: Cheryl

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