Skin Deep by TT Cove

Title: Skin Deep
Author: T.T. Cove
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Pages: 55
Characters: Kian and Silver
POV: Third person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Kisses: 4


Kian is dragged along as moral support when his friend
Chloe goes to get a tattoo done. What he thinks will be a
boring few hours standing around a shop proves exciting
instead, when an attraction to the tattoo artist proves to
be both mutual and scorching.

And if they can survive the challenges thrown across their
path, it may also prove to be something beautiful and


When Kian accompanies his friend when she goes to get a tattoo he is instantly in lust with the tattooist. I don’t blame him. Silver sounds seriously hot! And he is obviously just as attracted to Kian in return. What Kian doesn’t know is that Silver has wanted Kian for a while but Kian never noticed him before.

This book surprised me. I knew I would like it, hot guys, tattoos, angst– what’s not to love? What I was not expecting was how strong the story would feel for a short. It felt as though it was a lot longer than its 55 pages, and not by any means because the story dragged.

Kian and Silver deal with some heavy issues together. Mistakes from both their pasts threaten to destroy what they are building between them but they want each other in their lives enough to forge on through. These issues are dealt with well and I really felt their struggle.
The story finishes with a lot of hope and looking toward their future together. A very nice read.

Reviewed By: Violet


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