Another Dumb Jock by Jeff Erno

Title: Another Dumb Jock
Author: Jeff Erno
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
Characters: Adam, Travis
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Coming of age
Kisses: 5


Jeff Irwin and Brett Willson raised a fine son, Adam, in their unconventional , judgement-free family. But being the son of two dads has its challenges. Although Adam loves them, he’s determined to prove he’s not gay, like they are. To this end he’s become the star pitcher of his high school baseball team, a true jock.

Then Adam is suspended after he gets in a fight at school and his dads find out his grades are slipping.
Determined to put him back on track, they hire him a tutor; a short, nerdy kid named Trevor. Despite his resistance soon enough Adams worst nightmare comes true when he finds himself attracted to Trevor. This gives him a choice; follow his heart or become just another dumb jock.


I was so thrilled to be able to read a story that included two of my favorite people, Brett and Jeff from Dumb Jock. As I started reading, I kept thinking, “wow! what a brat!” Adam Idolizes his dad Brett who is a manly man, but he looks down on his father Jeff because he is uncomfortable with Jeff’s ‘mothering’ ways.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to change my mind about Adam, and I trust Jeff Erno, so I kept reading. Once Trevor enters the picture, who by the way is absolutely adorable, I began to see there was more to Adam than meets the eye. Adam is just really confused about his sexuality and when he meets Trevor it does not help his confusion.

I found these two young people together to be wonderful, and when Trevor has a crisis at home, Adam proves to be a stand-up guy. I really loved the ‘locker room’ scene, (It will have you grinning so hard that your face will hurt) and some of the scenes between Adam and Trevor are so tender your heart will hurt.

I also enjoyed visiting some old friends from Dumb Jock. It was nothing but pure joy to see how everyone turned out, and when old secrets are brought to life, your heart will go out to Adam just like mine did. So, in the end, I found myself very much in love with Adam and Trevor as I was with Jeff and Brett. Another Dumb Jock is an easy book to recommend. You will fall in love with the characters and enjoy watching two seemingly opposite people form a very special relationship. Another Dumb Jock could probably be read as a stand alone in the series, but I highly recommend reading the first book, Dumb Jock, before this one. Once you read about all of these characters, they will live in your heart just as much as they live in mind.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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