Forever Young by Jeff Erno

Title: Forever Young
Author: Jeff Erno
Publisher: AI Press
Pages: 158
Characters: Robbie, Colt
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: M/M, Vampire, Shifter
Kisses: 5


In less than a summer, shy and introverted Robbie Myers goes from eighteen and never been kissed to the passionate intensity of first love that could last forever. Literally…

Eighteen-year-old Robbie Myers has difficulty talking to people. Not only is he shy, but he seems to say the wrong thing every time he opens his mouth, especially to the mysterious, handsome stranger who shows up at his supermarket job, defends him from an aggressive colleague and then asks him on a date. He can’t believe a hot, worldly badboy like seventeen-year-old Colt Abernathy is actually interested. Yet he can’t deny that the ardor burning in Colt’s dark eyes is just for him. In the space of one breath, Robbie is launched from his plan to attend community college while living at home with his mom and saving up for a car to the tender yet passionate exploration of intense first love. Little does Robbie know…

Brought across during the height of the Civil War, Colt has remained trapped in the body of a lonely seventeen year old. When he spots the slim, blond-haired, blue eyed young man, pushing a line of shopping carts across a parking lot, Colt knows instantly they’re destined for each other. There’s just one major problem: if he survives the impending battle between vampires and the Matarians – an army of brutal vampire slayers – he’s going to live forever. Robbie isn’t…


Jeff Erno has created a story that I was pulled into and immersed in from the first line. Robbie is so painfully shy that you hurt for this young man. His mother is very loving and so over- protective you can’t help to care for her but cringe at the same time.

Colt looks to be young but has a self confidence about him that speaks of maturity beyond his years. I love these two as a couple and seeing Robbie coming out of his shell with the attention Colt lavishes him with. I grew to care for Colt’s father (maker) Richard and his husband Brendan, who truly love each other.

When Brendan disappears and trouble visits Richard’s home, they have to flee, taking Robbie with them, and try to find Brendan. We meet two Matarian’s who start their own love story while being trained to kill Vampires.. I would highly recommend this story and was so thrilled to see the words To be continued…..

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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