Where is the justice?

This post is a little off the typical subject for Top 2 Bottom Reviews. As many of you know we focus only on reviews and the people behind those precious words we read and hope you’ll read.

However, because we do review gay stories about gay individuals I see it’s only right to bring some attention and focus on the real people in the world who sometimes inspire the stories you read. Not all of the books you read come from real life situations, in fact many don’t. You read to escape the everyday real life hustle and bustle of the world we’re in. That’s great. Keep doing it. Please keep supporting our writer’s.

Also, I’d like for you to please remember there are real life people in real life situations who need you. This post I posted is done so with the permission of the author’s. I will try to keep you posted on what’s being done to help the couple they speak of, so that we, as a community can try to help any way we can, even if it’s just to sign a petition to get their voices heard, fairness installed and justice served.



Mississippi’s Conscience Should Be Burning … “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

– Seth Azzarello and James Robinson

Close your eyes and imagine that for twenty-one years you have been in a committed loving relationship.  Your partner is the love of your life and the two of you have spent years planning your dreams and working on your life goals together. You have a beautiful home and both of you have been active members of your community.  Then, in an instant, a simple accident changes both your lives forever.  Your partner is in the hospital and you are being called ‘faggot’ by local police officers who are sworn to serve the community as they force you out of your home.  Your partner is thrown into a nursing home without your approval or knowledge and you can’t go see them because there is a warrant for your arrest because with the support of friendly police officers you briefly returned to your home where you had lived for the past twenty years.  Most of the community you have loved has suddenly turned its back on you and in your shock and disbelief you do not know where to turn …  in shocked desperation you reach out for help.

Does this sound like a horrible nightmare?  Are you thinking this could not happen in the Land of The Free … in the Home of The Brave in 2013?   It has happened and is happening now in Brookhaven, Mississippi. You don’t often hear about stories like this because important stories are often passed over and replaced with insignificant news stories that make us believe the fashion of celebrities or their latest personal problems are more important than Civil Rights …  more important than human decency.

Glenn Easter wants what most of us want out of life.  Glenn wants respect and justice.  Glenn’s partner, eighty-six year old David, fell at their home on April 12, 2013.   Glenn was upstairs in the bathroom when David fell and a paramedic came in the house screaming Glenn’s name.  Glenn came running outside in his robe.  David had gotten up and continued toward the street where he collapsed while calling Glenn’s name as loudly as he could.

After twenty-one years of being together David and Glenn had a plan in place in case something like this were to happen. Glenn has power of attorney for David and his name is also on the lease of their home. They believed they were completely covered.  Or, so they thought.  They did not realize that local bigotry and prejudice would over-ride the legal preparations they made together.

David was taken to the hospital and his family was informed.  Glenn was worried about his partner as David began to go in and out of a coma. During the moments of going in and out of consciousness, David suffered a stroke. It was at this point that Glenn lost all control of his life and his partner’s life.

David’s nephew moved David to another hospital without Glenn’s consent or knowledge. This nephew had gone behind their backs and gotten a conservatorship; which gives the nephew “control” over decisions for David. The judge who issued this conservatorship was in another county and either didn’t bother to find out if someone else had the legal right to care for David or this judge simply did not care to acknowledge and uphold Glenn’s legal standing.

Just when Glenn didn’t think it could get worse, the nephew, great nephew and a police officer entered his home and informed him he had ten minutes to get whatever he wanted and get out, because now the home belonged to the nephew and he was trespassing.  The local authorities had decided that the home David and  Glenn had shared for twenty years and which Glenn holds a lease on was no longer his home and he was forced to leave.  David is currently in a nursing home.  David and Glenn never wanted David to be in a nursing home.  They planned for Glenn to care for David if possible.  David believed Glenn would make decisions regarding his care.  Glenn hasn’t seen David for two months.  In fact, he can’t see David because he has been hiding while seeking legal assistance because he is wanted for trespassing in his own home.

Lambda Legal, which is well known for helping people in the GLBT community and people fighting HIV/AIDS, is helping Glenn Easter along with attorney Hays Burchfield.  Mr. Burchfield is working with a team of lawyers to bring justice to this small town in Mississippi.  Glenn is now having to turn himself in to the police.  Glenn’s attorney’s have advised him to turn himself in to show that he is cooperating and they plan to use this arrest in their case to show how Glenn’s rights have been violated.

Is this the kind of world where things like this should be allowed?  Shouldn’t we all have the right to love who we love without the fear that the legal system can strip it all all way.   Help us help Glenn Easter and David and other people who are victims of injustice by sharing this story.  Injustice will prevail if good people do not stand up for what is right and just.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Glenn plans to turn himself in to local authorities the week of July 29th.  If you would like more information about Glenn and David you may contact us at info@glbtays.org.

Seth Azzarello is a writer and volunteer at GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services, Inc.

James Robinson is a Civil Rights activist and advocate for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.  He is the founder and executive director of GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services, Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama.

GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services website



  1. Dear Michele,
    Please help me tell the internet world of supporters David my precious David passed away yesterday morning they are shutting me out in everyway possible and are planning on cremating him. My god that’s what he feared we had planned to wake him at Edgewood or Riverwood and in a simple wood casket and burial next to his mother.. They are pissed off because they are going to have to give me half or everything .3 judges have tossed it back and forth and its been a circus in court. somebody has got to cover this for the internet or a news paper they are breaking the law the law is breaking the law and we are going to end up having to go to the supreme court but for now Ive got them and they no it but they don’t wont me coming to the funeral so all the snooty people who hate gays wont get up set this is a out rage please somebody march picket help me do a You tube video anything the world needs to see this. merry Christmas
    Glenn. Brookhaven Ms.text me at 601-327-1688 that’s for anyone who may have a sugestion


  2. I just want to thank James Robinson for everything he has done for me. having the courage to write the story with seth when I know he so busy with other things but he did the right thing please sent hugs and thank you to James and seth in Al. at GLBTAYS.org


  3. The judge threw out the charges and I went home and the nephew shows up saying I cant go in the house well iam waiting in the police and then iam going home and lock myself in. will all views of this site please email WLBT in Jackson Miss. news@wlbt.com and tell them iam in the house and its grown up like the adams family home and iam going to be fight all night.


      • I found him in a ward dying but lucid and he knew who I was I told him this is what I knew your family would do. why do you think they put you 60 miles from me.the nephew has been one time in one 5 months so I guess the nursing facility assumed no one cared so he has had no rehab. just slumped over lost and alone. I kissed his forhead and told him how much I loved him and would never have let this happen. He new me he new our home and he wants to go home and he told me to go home. I told him they had me arrested and I couldn’t go home but I would work as hard as I could to get him out of there and home. The admistrator gave me a hard time at first and when they found out the truth and what the nephew had did by separating us so he would not no the truth. he understands that they are no good and he can not trust them. the director of nursing and the administrator ask me if I was going to take him home and I said yes as soon as possible. when I told the lawyer that we need to go there and video him with witness and show this to the judge and make the nephews conservatory void. My lawyer said he has to see how much it will cost to get another doctor to see him. I cant wait that long and let him stay there. I have got to find a way to fund raise not a lot of money but some to help this aclu lawyer speed things up if anyone has any ideas how to do this please tell me. I don’t think its right for me to set up a account for donations I have never had to ask for help and don’t know how to do this can someone give me suggestions please iam desperate to fix this and bring him home. thank you and god bless. I will sign over a 3rd of the home to any organization that will help me. God Bless Glenn E.


      • After my lawyer won my house back I returned as soon as my lawyer left the captain from the police dept who is good friends with the nephew pulled up and told me to leave in five min. I was devastated but to say the least heart broken. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP MEEEE


  4. There is something I forgot to mention Michele to you and your viewers Edgewood the home David and I share and Kenny and David before me is not a family home passed down it is a home brought back from ruin by 3 gay men. Before the house fell into disrepair it was Victorian and it took years of Kenny and David restoring it with there on hands and then me after Kenny died to turn it into the greek revival show place or as I named it doing business. The Wedding Place Of Dreams.
    it is today. And now its in need of renovation again. This is why these people have no claim on our house they all have nice homes but yet want to take ours. Please forgive me if I vented some in my last post.

    God Bless/ Glenn


      • Hello Michele,
        Thank you for letting me vent and sending a message when you can I know you are a very busy man like James and don’t have a lot of time Iam sure you can understand if your married that to go from home with 2 children that would be Christian the yorky who had to be put down right before our lives completely exploded and Lou Lou my beautiful gray and white fur ball cat who they threw out of the house and god knows whats happen to her I know I miss her so much it makes things even harder. I think if I had her with me it would help make things easier. But the most important thing is I still have not found David I have checked all the hospitals and the nursing homes but no sign of him my god is this really happening? and they just cannot be allowed to get away with this they just cant. Surly if we were a straight couple this would be unheard of I am sure. I don’t no if I can do this alone I am so tired and I no and the stress and mental anguish is taking its toll on my immune system. My God do I fight to get my life back to DIE.


  5. Hello Michael,
    Thank you for your sweet message. Its been a long day and night I stayed up all night because I could not sleep as usual but more so because my leg hurts so bad I want to cut it off LOL. I fell down the steps of the travel trailer and almost broke my hip thank god I did not. Iam trying to get use to it and pray that I can go home soon but I don’t think I can get use to it because I have peripheral neropothy in my legs and not having a lot of room and I cant afford to go out and rebuy all the aquipment and a bed right now so iam trying to do the best I can and please don’t for a second think I am Ungreatful because I am not. At least I have Shelter and someone was kind enough to offer it.But if this ends up dragging on for awhile I have got to get into a larger place with handy cap facilities and a side walk LOL. Its in the country and I love the country but its not made to live in long term and for sure when you have disability issues. I am not a rocket scientist but I know I cant keep falling my cheek bones and leg looks like I got hit by a car or in a fist fight. Were is Ellen when you need her .LOL. Anyway I have been trying to reach out and even smile and try to laugh alittle as you suggested I promise I am trying its so hard like when I was in wal mart earlier I saw people I knew and some were whispering some I guess have seen the article and saying there”s the fagot making Brookhaven look bad.It was all I could do not to kick his you no what and believe me iam a man like any other man and iam not scared of anyone nor am I scared to protect myself without any form of weapon. Now I am not saying that I believe we should stoop to violence but anyone out there that thinks because another man is gay or whatever he cant handle himself like a man they need to get educated,I realize what it boils down to is ignorance and not being taught tolerance and basic human kindness skills. Well I guess the distraction from my nightmares was a blessing in disguise. Oh I meant to say also I dropped by the mayors office when I went to the courthouse and he was busy but I left a message but never heard anything. several administrations back I use to go by the mayors office and put my boots up on the chair and shoot the breeze or if I needed something done on the street in front of edgewood they took care of it right away and always so kind.The city and local organizations use to be so supportive of Edgewood it is a vital part of brookhaven and after ive almost killed myself getting to the point were I could redo it and reopen for weddings and parties I get stabbed in the back by Stacey Burgess Walker and Dustin Walker from Brookhaven.David and I have never been invited to there homes and get this David Designed and paid for the building of the very house they live in.The thought of Stacey living in my house a person that is full of greed and selfishness and iam sure she is thinking the house will up her social standing at the cost of rendering us homeless this almost to much to bare so I guess I need to stop talking because iam upsetting myself and I don’t want people to think iam a raving loonatic . Good night and thank you again for caring.

    Kindest Personal Regards


  6. I am sitting in MC Donalds in Brookhaven Ms. and tears are running down my face because I have just finished reading these post and the story shared by the owner of this website. Hello I am Glenn and this story is about the last 20 years of my life I just drove by my house and I cant go in it and I have driven everywhere looking for my David they have hidden him he is not where he is suppose to be . I don’t feel anything now after all these months I have become like another person looking on as life goes on for those who live and carry themselves as society has told them. I miss David and I am so home sick for Edgewood our beautiful old home but the law says your gay and not one of us so you do not matter. thank you for your support I was looking at the site that wrote the story and came across you wonderful people in the comment section. Thank you so much David and I both are so thankful I have not seen him in over 2 months but I know he would be very moved. Kindest Regards/ Glenn E.


  7. I read about this via Buzzfeed – and I feel the same as you!
    Although we here in the UK are not so open (and therefore, much doesn’t get into the news), I feel that there are more people out there in similar circumstances (the legailty of which I have no idea!)
    I feel astounded and amazed at the courage some people have – to face all the difficulties and embarrassments at what should be ‘normal’. My thoughts are with these two guys – and my sympathy!


  8. this is far from being a unique case and yet you would think once we had seen one our society would see the wrongful doing in this and put an end to our hate and abuse behavior toward same sex couples. Prayers and warm winds for David and Glenn.


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