Power in the Blood by Angelia Sparrow

Title: Power in the Blood
Author: Angelia Sparrow
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Pages: 171
Characters: Oren Stolt, his children, and many more…
POV: 3rd
Sub- Genre: M/M, M/F, Immortals, Vampires
Kisses: 3.5


Oren Stolt understands the natural order better than most people. Vampires prey on humans and Undying keep the vampires’ numbers in check.

Until now.

Now, across the United States, vampire numbers are exploding, thanks to a new church. The Tabernacle of the Firstfruits preaches a Risen Lord and invites believers to follow Him in death and resurrection… quite literally.

In Memphis, the church is about to host its first conference, with an eye to converting the whole world to the vampiric gospel.

And all that stands between humanity and eternal night is Oren, his kids, and a thin line of insane immortals.


Power in the Blood is not a light read, I found it had many characters, twists, and turns. There were several times this was a difficult book for me to read.

Oren and his children are what are called Breathers, when killed they become Immortals, Oren will go to any lengths to stop this from happening to his family.

This story has no HEA, but it does have a lot of sex, everyone seems to be sleeping with each others lovers and they seem fine with it. There are a lot of characters introduced in a short amount of time; some of them are quite surprising.

The major battle scene is extremely bloody, although the whole book is. Honestly it was so violent, it wasn’t my cup of tea, but Ms. Sparrow does have a gift of writing a descriptive story with interesting characters. Though this was a little too much for me, I know there will be readers out there that will enjoy this book. If you like reading about a lot of erotic sex, throw in some blood and gore on almost every page then you should definitely give this book a try.

Reviewed by: Cheryl


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