Two Silent Cries by TN Tarrant

Title: Two Silent Cries
Author: T.N. Tarrant
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 178
Characters: Micah Valery and Santiago Curtis
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Kisses: 4.5


Micah Valery is hearing impaired and unable to speak. As if that didn’t make life interesting enough, he also suffers from a panic disorder that regularly disrupts his life. With a wonderful assistance dog named Goldie, however, he manages to live independently, and comfortably.
When something goes wrong with Goldie, he meets Dr Santiago Curtis, a veteran veterinarian with issues of his own to cope with. Still, the attraction is strong enough to explore, and a new romance blooms.
Enter Micah’s estranged family, attempting to deprive him of his inheritance.


I have read a couple of Ms. Tarrant’s books and have become a big fan. One of the reasons for this is the way the author makes the stories as realistic as possible. That is no different in her new story, Two Silent Cries.

Readers will find Micah Valery to be a little different from the usual main characters that we normally see. It is not his deafness that sets him apart from the other heroes that pop up in romances, but his tendency to have panic attacks. Having known individuals who suffer like Micah, I am impressed by how realistic the author made him, instead of sending this part of his personality over the top. Although he does not always have a hand on his condition, he tries to live his life as best as possible. Seeing his struggle will bring you close to tears. To balance Micah the author introduces Santiago.

Santiago is a local vet. He is new to the area and therefore does not know about Micah. When these two meet it is not love at first sight. This first meeting is more like an, “oh, shit” moment and I could not keep from crinching. Granted, given what Santiago was seeing his actions are understandable. Like Micah, Santiago has his own issues that color his outlook on life. As a military veteran who survived an enemy attack, Santiago has scars, only not all of them are visible to the naked eye. While these two have to work hard on their relationship, they balance each other out perfectly. That Santiago has no problems with Micah’s panic attacks makes him the perfect hero.

While starting and maintaining a relationship with the issues they bring into it is hard enough, the author throws in more conflict when she brings Micah’s family into the picture. I could not believe the way these people acted. More than once I wanted to smack them and I could not understand how they could be so cold.

Two Silent Cries is a great story and should not be missed. The main characters pull you into their story from the beginning and make the reader hope that everything works out well for them. If you have not yet tried any books by this author then I strongly suggest you do so.

Reviewed By: Lydia


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