Night of Ceremony by M. Raiya

Title: Night of Ceremony
Author M. Raiya
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 81
Characters: Josh, Varian
Sub-Genre: Fantasy
Stars: 4


Night of danger.
Night of choices.
Night when everything will change.
That is, if Varian and Josh survive the Night of Ceremony.
Varian and Josh first appeared in the novel Notice.


Night of Ceremony by M. Raiya is a very good story with strong characters and a great plot. I really liked Varian’s character. He was such a strong leader and had so much love for his family, you could feel it when you read about him.

Josh was fun to learn about, he is still learning about his powers and what they mean to his life. But he is sure about his place beside Varian, and the fact that they adopted a wonderful child and are raising her together makes everything so much better.

The night they were to officially bring her into the clan of dragons a terrible accident happens and the men are pulled away to help their friends the humans in the town nearby. Even faced with terrible hardships and an eternity they cannot full predict they are so strong with each other that nothing can stop them.

Reviewed By: Jerry


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