Inescapable by Mina Kelley

Author: Mina Kelley
Publisher: Loose Id
Pages: 210
Characters: Jared Kel Tamajaq, Richard Kuiper the Seventh
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Sci/Fi, Erotic Romance, Suspense
Kisses: 5


When a theft goes wrong and Jared finds himself under arrest, his daring escape results in an extra passenger. Richard Kuiper the Seventh does not appreciate being magnetically handcuffed to a common criminal, even if he does enjoy the chance to indulge his sexual appetites guilt free.

Hiding out with some old friends of Jared’s while they attempt to unlock the handcuffs, a bond grows between the two men that’s more than magnetic, but Jared’s initial mistrust comes back to haunt him. When the cuffs are removed Richard storms off, straight into a trap, and now Jared must decide what he’s willing to risk for a man he’s barely known for a week: his life, certainly, but his heart? He’s never risked that before.


Zero G sex and sonic shower sex, spaceships and luxury cruisers, fractal vegetable gardens and ice comet mining, asteroid colonies and traveling space stations, family relations and space politics—this science fiction story’s got it all.

Jared the thief is almost caught by the cops. There’s one half of an electromagnetic cuff attached to his wrist. Unfortunately, the other half ends around the wrist of his impromptu hostage, Richard, the heir to the Kuiper Asteroid Field. The two men are locked together—and in awfully close proximity too—in a prototype luxury space cruiser, with no plan and no direction. Surprisingly, Richard wants to take this opportunity for adventure while Jared is simply attracted to the guy, so they agree to travel together while figuring out how to remove the cuffs.

Their journey takes them to Delta Caravan, a traveling space station where something sinister is going on. They make friends, they make enemies, and they make love. Because very soon the uncomplicated sex turns into lovemaking when Jared and Richard start getting to know each other. The thief and the rich asteroid mine owner find they have a lot in common, especially wanting more from their lives. They want to fall in love. But… Richard has duties and enemies, and distrustful Jared always has a backup plan—that usually blows up in his face. They both have choices to make, while dealing with the outside world after them.

Though I was slightly taken aback by the quick first sex scene, once I got to know these men I realized this was their style, though for different reasons. Richard’s used to being offered sex without emotions, and Jared’s always ready for a romp in the hay. In a way, they both use sex for something other than pleasure. Well, that will soon change.

The world Ms. Kelley has created is intriguing. The Delta Caravan, the den of thieves, with its fractal gardens, busy marketplaces, zero G mining, etc. was the most fascinating place. And the fact that there’s something dangerous simmering beneath the surface, something people don’t want to talk about, just added to the adventure.

Once I got into the story, I literally couldn’t put the book down. The plot grabbed me, much like a magnetic cuff, and held me in place until the very first line. When Richard is faced with an enemy and a real kidnapping, and Jared makes his sacrifice to save him, I had tears in my eyes. I feared for both men and wanted them to have their happy ever after. But, considering we’re dealing with a wanted thief and a running away plutocrat, their HEA comes with a price.

Sex, adventure, and excitement abound. I highly recommend.

Reviewed By: Susan


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