Switch Hitter by Jon Michaelsen & Alex Morgan

Title: Switch Hitter

Author: Alex Morgan & Jon Michaelsen

Publisher: Wilde City

Pages: 98

POV: 3rd

Sub-Genre: BDSM

Kisses: 4.5


In baseball, a switch-hitter is a player who bats both right-handed and left-handed.

Top ranked MLB player, Jase Dockery, was having a record-breaking year until a sluggish bat threatens to derail his streak. To the world, Jase is a national hero, but the handsome MVP has a deep secret.

To rid his inner turmoil, Jase agrees to a tryst with a dominant S.W.A.T captain in a discreet location arranged by an enigmatic madam. Despite his apprehension, Jase releases himself to Cap for a night of unbridled revelry.

His mood elevated the next day at practice, all Jase can think of is another rendezvous with Cap, but a stalking fan derails the ball player’s anticipation and hides him in a lake cabin outside Atlanta.

Jase wakes gagged and bound with no idea what he’s in for. His captor, Daniel, has plans to keep the slugger that have nothing to do with money. Sure his handlers are out searching for him along with police, Jase hopes they are able to locate him in time.

Can the smitten S.W.A.T captain rescue Jase from humiliation via live webcam without risking coming out to his comrades? Or will Jase help breach that wall for him?


Let me start this out with a couple things some of you may need to want to know before reading this story. It does have a small non-con scene in it, and there are a couple of heavy SM elements in one scene as well. If you’re squeamish over that sort of situation, and find non-con out of your comfy zone, or like your S & M to be mellow… this may not thrill your desires.

In saying that I have to say that these two author’s came together and really gave me a taste of different with their story, Switch Hitter. I’m going to be honest here. I don’t feel that the title fits the story, simply because we aren’t dealing with a straight man who went gay for such and such reason. YAY! I’m happy over that part. What we are looking at is a famous baseball player who is able to do as the beginning of the blurb states. He can hit either way. He also has “forbidden” desires to be dominated in every way off the baseball field. However, for someone as famous as Jase, our main character in the story, it’s not as easy as dressing for a night on the town and finding the nearest BDSM club. He’s famous and we all know what the media would do with information like that, right? Not only that, the man has a stalker who is dead set on making Jase’s life hell.

Jase must hide the fact that he’s gay to start with, never mind the fact that he is a submissive man off the field. But it’s not so easy to do. To hide what one really needs and wants. Ignore it all one can but eventually it will work it’s way into one’s daily life, it eats at one’s soul until the need wins out. Jase ends up meeting a lady, her name is Violet and she runs a discreet underground BDSM hook up service. She never speaks to her clients on the phone, just by texting and she hooks Jase up with another man who must remain behind a mask due to his position on the police S.W.A.T. force. He’s the Captain, or Cap as Jase refers to him.

The first meeting between the two goes better than Jase had anticipated and he finds himself in lust to the point of love for the other man almost immediately. He knows Cap is the man he’s been looking for and hopes he is what Cap is looking for as well.

Then enter the over bearing fan who turns into a stalker who ends up going way too far. It will ruin Jase’s career though, if he’s not saved by anyone. That much I will say.

The author’s did a great job at giving us a taste of real baseball, of real S & M, of real crimes and real dialogue. I do think we needed more of Cap though, as he seems VERY interesting. As I mentioned at the start… If any of those things bother you please think it over before rushing out and buying it. It is a great story but you must prepare yourself. The scenes aren’t long, but to some they can be bothersome. Me? Hell, I loved it.

Reviewed By: Lyncx



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