The Wanted Men by Benji Bright

Title: Chevalier, Book 6: The Wanted Men
Author: Benji Bright
Publisher: JMS Books
Characters: Giovanni, Solister, Casic, and Farrbiner
POV: Alternating
Sub-Genre: Erotic Romance, Fantasy
Kisses: 3


There are tales of dashing knights and blushing ladies, and there are stories of bravery bound to become legend. Then there’s the life of a mercenary.

Four swords-for-hire — Giovanni, the supposed magician; Solister, the armored giant; Casic, the virtuous fighter; and Farrbiner, the drunken healer — try to make their pockets heavy and their grief light. On their way to fame and fortune, or maybe just notoriety, they encounter every twist and turn the criminal underworld can throw at them. In a world full of double-crosses and shady motivations, can’t a man just find a warm place to thrust his sword?

In Book 6: The Wanted Men, the mercenaries have to leave the lavish island of Veyr and they have to do it quickly, but with the Queen’s best on their trail will they make it home in one piece? Magic, mistrust, and secrets surround these wanted men.


I really liked the characters in The Wanted Men. Although this is a quick read, it is still an interesting book in the Chevalier series.

The characters are strong men that have been through so much, and they’ve learned to stick together through thick and thin. Although this time one member of the group leaves, doing it to spare the others, he is forced to submit and go with the Queen’s men. Feeling a little lost and not sure how to proceed the remaining men decide to get him back at all costs.

The difference between this book and the others is: you start to get a feel for the characters. Their feelings are shown more in this story… at least I could feel them more. I felt that the author did a great job explain some background on the men, and it really helped to put more of this story into perspective. I do wish it was a bit longer though. Just as I was truly getting into the story it was over, I guess I will just have to wait for the next story and find out what happens next!

Reviewed By: Jerry


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