Spy Hill by Dusk Peterson

Title: Spy Hill
Author: Dusk Peterson
Publisher: Love in the Dark Settings Press
Pages: 80
Characters: Fairview and Rook
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Alternate Historical Romance
Kisses: 4


“Fairview was the finest friend a man could have, and the finest battle-companion. I dared not risk doing anything that might break our friendship.”

On a hot summer’s day, on a high hill surrounded by the enemy, the best battle-companion can turn out to be the truth.

Rook and Fairview have worked alongside each other for years, first as officers in the navy, then as officers on a steamship, and finally as colonels in an invading army. Members of a nation where tiny differences of rank are considered all-important, the two men defy convention by treating each other as equals.

But now their life-long bond is about to meet its greatest strain, when they are ordered to seize and defend a hill whose landscape is unknown, in the company of soldiers who may be incompetent or treacherous. Will Rook and Fairview’s friendship remain by the end of the battle? Or will their lives take an unexpected detour as they struggle to survive on Spy Hill?

This novella can be read on its own or as part of Commando, a historical fantasy series that imagines what the South African Boer War could have been like if it had been fought on American soil.


I am not sure how but this author always seems to amaze me! The story of Fairview and Rook is amazing in such a simple way. I am just astounded at how such a wonderful love story between two men set during battle can become such an easy and beautiful story to get lost in.

I thought the characters were very strong and the details were great. I found myself wrapped up in their story, and waiting/hoping they were going to just say ‘it’. The descriptive storytelling was so great, there were times I think I could hear the bullets, and feel the heat from the fire. I loved this book and cannot wait for the next Dusk Peterson novel!

Reviewed By: Jerry


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