New Beginnings by Edward Kendrick

Title: New Beginnings
Author: Edward Kendrick
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 172
Characters: Rome, Jeff, Vance, Theo
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Action, Family Relationships, Romance
Kisses: 5


Rome, a police detective, and Jeff, a closeted construction worker, become friends and then much more. Then Rome joins Vance Montgomery’s team of covert ops. Soon afterward tragedy strikes and the team must deal with the aftermath as Vance implodes.
Rome, a police detective, and Jeff Reynolds, a closeted construction worker, have maintained a loving relationship for four years while keeping their sexuality hidden. Then Rome is outed, quits the force, and finds a new job as part of Vance Montgomery’s covert ops team. He and Jeff move to New Orleans to begin their new life together.
When a job goes bad, Van goes off the deep end, hiding in the bottle, unwilling to see anyone. Eventually his associate, Rico, faces him down and makes him accept he cannot continue on the way he’s been going. With the help of his friends, Van straightens out his life, and goes after those who caused his grief.
CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes a bittersweet ending.


The first story hooked me, Rome and Jeff were a great couple. There was lots of action and plenty of romance, but more than that the story of the two of them really hooked me. I loved the way the story evolved and truly enjoyed reading it.

The second story(or continuation) yanked, pulled and twisted my heart. This was the first book in a long time to have tears in my eyes. When Vance is talking about “his Ginna” it just shook me. I could really feel the pain and anguish this man was going through. Theo was just enough a part of the story to make you want more. He was everything a 4 year old should be and more. I don’t know if there is more of this story to come, but if so sign me up..

Reviewed By: Jerry


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