Beyond the Edge by Elizabeth Lister

Title: Beyond the Edge
Author: Elizabeth Lister
Publisher: MLR Press
Pages: 289
Characters: Tate Mackenzie, Sebastian Doucette
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, BDSM
Kisses: 4.5


Tate and Sebastian sign on for a kinky weekend with Ottawa Dom James Lucas and discover an intense mutual attraction.

Tate Mackenzie has signed on for a weekend of kinky fun at the hands of respected Dom, James Lucas. However, James has invited another man, twenty-four year-old Sebastian Doucette, to join in. Thrown together under James’ expert tutelage, the two men experience an instant attraction and begin a tentative relationship on their own time. But James hasn’t been entirely honest with the boys and soon Tate finds himself the focus of two infatuated men. How will he choose the man he wants or the lifestyle he desires to pursue?


Whew! I had a feeling once I read the blurb, the book in store for me was going to be an erotic, steamy novel…and I was right. I enjoyed the heated chemistry between Tate and Sebastian and truly hated to see this book come to an end. The blurb does an excellent job at describing the story, so I won’t rehash a lot of it. Instead, I thought I’d write about what I liked about this book and why I’d recommend it to fans of BDSM themed romance.

The story is told through Tate’s point of view. Tate is an interesting, complex character that I really liked. When it comes to love and romance, Tate prefers to play the field. He’s never met anyone he’s ever really connected with on an emotional level, so he is unapologetic when it comes to having sex with other men. Although Tate loves sex, he also craves being subservient to dominant men, and when he met James, who is a popular Dom, Tate wants to have more than one scene with him. When he has the opportunity to play with James for an entire weekend, Tate is excited. But when he finds out he’ll be sharing his time with another sub named, Sebastian, he’s more than a little disappointed. He arranges to meet Sebastian before their weekend and Tate’s well constructed life is changed forever.

I enjoyed watching Tate work through his feelings for Sebastian and for James. He’s always admired James and thought he was sexy, but once he meets Sebastian, he quickly loses his heart to him. I liked how Ms. Lister did not wash over his conflicted feelings for both men under the rug. Tate really does a thorough job at making his decision when it comes to who he wants to be with in the end. I also enjoyed watching Tate realize that although he enjoys being subservient, he’s also got some dominant feelings that he’s eager to explore. Tate really goes through a lot of self-exploration and changes throughout the story and I thought in the end, he became a stronger, even more confident hero.

As much as I liked Tate, I’m totally enamored with Sebastian. I understood why Tate fell head over heels with him. He’s sweet, smart and is just becoming comfortable being a sub. I also liked how Sebastian was able to show Tate his deepest desires, and in turn, it made them even closer and it enriched their relationship even more. I definitely thought these two men belonged together, and I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and flourish as the novel progressed.

I know that James was supposed to be this big, sexy Dom. In all honesty, I did find him a little fascinating, but in the end I didn’t really connect with him like I did Tate and Sebastian. He’s definitely more mysterious and I understood why Tate was so attracted to him physically as well as what he could do for Tate sexually. But when it came to them connecting on an emotional level, in and out of the bedroom, I never felt it.

There is a lot of sex in this book. It might definitely push the boundaries for those who do not like BDSM themed romances. Also, as you can tell by the blurb and by some of my review there are several M/M/M scenes, so if this bothers you, I wouldn’t recommend it. Those of you who have read my reviews before know that I’m not a fan of ménage/ threesome books. But, I AM a fan of BDSM themed romances, which is why I gave this book a shot. I’m glad I did because in the end I did think the sex was hot, and I thought the difference between Tate having sex with James vs. sex with Sebastian really resonated with me as reader. When they play with James, it was more mechanical, or a way of getting off. But when Tate and Sebastian have sex, it was more emotionally driven and more satisfying in my opinion. All in all the sex in this book practically steamed up my computer screen it was so sizzling hot!

This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Lister and it definitely won’t be my last! I enjoyed her smooth writing style, as well as her ability to get to the heart and soul of her characters. If you are looking for a BDSM themed romance that pushes boundaries as well as making sure that you turn off the heat on a cold winter’s night just so you will cool off then Beyond the Edge is definitely the book for you! Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi



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