La Posada by Kate Roman

Title: La Posada
Author: Kate Roman
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 20
Characters: Clay, Warshaw
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Holiday Romance, Series
Kisses: 3


Twenty-one-year-old Clay Garcia is obligated to take part in the posadas, his family’s traditional Mexican Christmas celebration. But while Clay’s spirit is willing, his flesh dreams of the return of his older ranch hand lover. On December 23rd, the eighth of nine nights of festivities, the wise man returns, and Clay finally has something to celebrate. Now if only he can keep his family from finding out…


La Posada is a glimpse of Clay and Warshaw’s life on Christmas Eve night. Both men have been seeing one another for a while. Even though they have a very strong affection for one another, they must keep their relationship under wraps. Not only is there an age difference between them, Clay is the heir to his family’s ranch and is expected to marry and have many children.

Christmas Eve is the eighth day of the Posada. It’s a Mexican tradition Clay’s family utilizes each year. For nine days they have traditional visits and get together with family members. Although Clay has enjoyed seeing his family, he’s also tired of lying to his family about his sexuality as well as keeping his relationship with Warshaw under wraps. To make matters worse, Warshaw has taken some seasonal work at another ranch and Clay hasn’t seen his lover in weeks. But just when Clay is just about ready to pull his hair out, he gets a surprise visit from his lover that just might make this Christmas the best one yet.

I really liked this story. I liked the banter and obvious affection between Clay and Warshaw. I thought Ms. Roman really portrayed Clay’s rising frustration with hiding his sexuality, lying to his family as well as his forbidden relationship that Warshaw and Clay have together excellently. As I mentioned, this is just a glimpse in their lives, but it’s a good one. Between the strong sexual chemistry the two heroes had together and the obvious love the two men have for each other, I really enjoyed this sexy short. I do wish the book had been longer because I love these two characters, so hopefully we’ll see more of them real soon!

La Posada is the third book in the Los Rancheros series. Although the book can be read as a stand-alone story, to full understand the dynamics between Clay and Warshaw I suggest reading these books is series order.

Here are the Los Rancheros books in series order:

Riding the Silverado
Huntin’ Tail
La Posada

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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