Learning to Love: Michael and Sean by KC Wells

Title: Learning to Love: Michael and Sean
Author: K.C. Wells
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 237
Characters: Sean and Michael
POV: Alternating 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance, Coming of Age
Kisses: 4.5


Sean and Michael are best friends from the minute they meet and become roommates. But after supporting Sean in the wake of his brother’s death, Michael finds himself questioning his sexuality and thinking about his roommate in a totally unexpected light. After all, he and Sean are straight—or so he thought. Suddenly Michael’s not so sure any more. He turns to their gay housemate, Evan, for advice. Little does he know he’s not the only one seeking Evan’s help.
Michael and Sean are both thrilled to explore their newly discovered feelings for each other, but not everyone shares their enthusiasm. When the reality of homophobia intrudes on their academic and personal lives and threatens their happiness, the adversity should draw them closer. Instead, it drives a dangerous wedge between them and puts their relationship, their futures, and their health at risk.


I was hooked from the beginning. The book Learning to Love: Michael and Sean is a powerful story of coming out, finding who you are and learning to love. Sean and Michael characters were not only believable but inspiring. I found myself not wanting to put this book down seeing these two wonderful guys fall for each other, and then in turn have the strength to hold each other up when times were down.

I loved Learning to Love: Michael and Sean, and it continuously surprised me with the story line. I found that even when not reading it I was thinking about the characters, and what was going to happen next. The passion between Sean and Michael was super HOT, and the author did a great job at helping the plot along without turning it into porn as many books tend to do. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy, inspiring love story!

Reviewed By: Jerry



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