Phallic Worship: World-Wide and Centuries Long by Allen Mack

Title: Phallic Worship: World-Wide and Centuries Long
Author: Allen Mack
Publisher: JMS Books
Pages: 21
Characters: none
POV: 1st
Sub genre: Nonfiction, Historical
Kisses: 3.5


The phallus has been an object of adoration, envy, worship, ceremonial excesses, ritual orgasms, and pain throughout the world since before written history. The ultimate representation of masculine pulchritude and strength, the usually flaccid organ may be stroked, teased, moistened, pressed, and fondled into a tumescent, vigorous, upstanding display of dominant muscularity.

Phallic Worship: World-Wide and Centuries Long explores the history of our fascinating preoccupation with the conduit of life.


Throughout the history of mankind, people have worshiped the penis as a source of power and a symbol of virility. From the earliest known civilizations, there has always been at least one, if not many, gods portrayed with horns as a symbol of the devotion that men have displayed to the power of the penis. All cultures, from the earliest known to the present day, have had their own version of phallic (or penis) worship.

This book is a very detailed, well researched look at how phallic worship has been a part of mankind since the earliest known cultures. I learned about how there are many, many different cults that have myriad ways and rituals of how they display their devotion, but it all comes down to one thing-they all worship the penis!!!

Reviewed by Pat


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