Oubliette by Giselle Renarde

Title: Oubliette
Author: Giselle Renarde
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 27
Characters: Saba, Miranda
POV: 3rd
Sub genre: Lesbian, Menage, Paranormal
Kisses: 3.5


Miranda and Saba always fight on vacation. When they visit a castle that’s been converted into a luxury hotel, they miss the evening ghost walk because they’re too busy arguing. The couple tries to catch up with the group, but they stumble upon a mysterious woman in need of help. There’s no staff around, so Miranda and Saba take her up to their room. Where did Oubliette come from? Why is she so dirty? What’s with the clothing that went out of fashion three hundred years ago? And does Oubliette have the power to reunite two lovers who have been at each other’s throats all night?


Miranda and Saba are on vacation at a restored castle. They are having an argument because Miranda doesn’t like Saba is still wearing the engagement ring from her former fiance.They agree to set aside their argument so that they can enjoy dinner.

After they finish eating, they realize that they are running late for the ghost walk. They grab a couple of flashlights and try to catch up to the tour by taking a shortcut through a patch of woods.

They hear a strange rustling in the bushes and find a young woman who is filthy, has sticks and leaves in her hair, and in a dress that is hundreds of years out of date. They think that the woman is an employee of the castle and that she was injured somehow. They ask her what her name is and she replies Oubliette.

They take her back to their room to clean her up and while in the bathroom, Oubliette starts kissing and making moves on both Miranda and Saba. They end up having a threesome. The women wake up the next morning to find Oubliette gone and Saba’s ring missing. They go to the front desk to report the theft and are informed that the woman they describe as Oubliette is actually the ghost of a princess who had died hundreds of years ago.

I really liked this story. Ms. Renarde is able to take a ordinary ghost story and give it an very unique twist with plenty of passion. It’s definitely worth reading.

Reviewed By: Pat


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