Sub by Susan Laine

Title: Sailor’s Knot Book 1: Sub
Author: Susan Laine
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Pages: 189
Characters: David Williams, Hunter Masters
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Military Romance
Kisses: 5


Power play is one thing. Power play through sex is quite another.

David Williams is the captain of a nuclear submarine. He’s just been assigned with his new junior officer, Lieutenant Hunter Masters. Due to David’s calm demeanor, insubordinate officers are assigned to him for training to become exemplary officers.

Hunter, however, has other plans. Because of his oppressive admiral-father, he’s stuck in the navy, where he absolutely doesn’t wish to be, so he lashes out. His record shines with disciplinary infractions.

When the cool David and the frustrated Hunter meet, the game is on.

What begins with pranks, taunting, and dares becomes decidedly darker when lust and sex are brought into the mix. Both men trying to gain the upper hand, the games between them spin out of control.

But what happens when the nature of their relationship is exposed—and love is added to the already explosive situation?


Susan Laine has become one of my favorite authors. All of her books are a must-buy for me because I love the way she writes romance. I love her characters and the chemistry between her two heroes are always intense and sizzling hot!

Although Captain David Williams has encountered the surly sailor or two, he’s always been able to win them over because he has the reputation for having a calm demeanor as well as his fair treatment and loyalty to the sailors on his submarine. When Hunter Masters is assigned to his post, he is both amused and shocked by Hunter’s over the top behavior and determination to be kicked out of the Navy. Although David is able to keep Hunter on his toes, he reluctantly finds himself attracted to Hunter, and this disturbs him. He has never been drawn to anyone like he is to Hunter and begins to wonder if maybe he should allow Hunter’s shenanigans to actually kick Hunter out of the Navy, so he doesn’t continue to get under David’s skin and worm his way into his heart.

Hunter does not want to be in the Navy, but when you father is an Admiral, he didn’t have much choice. He’s had a reputation for being difficult and is determined to be discharged, but when he is assigned to be on Captain David’s submarine, he begins to second-guess this decision. There is something about David that pulls at Hunter’s heartstrings and the more he’s around David the more Hunter begins to realize that there might be something worth staying in the Navy for.

I loved this book! Between the banter and intense chemistry between Hunter and David kept me enthralled with the book from beginning to end. Each time they were together I could feel the desire and love they felt for each other. I liked the dilemma each man had as far as their attraction, as well as their relationship had because of them both being in a situation where their love is definitely forbidden.

Both characters are very likeable men. David is strong, likeable and very respected within the community. He’s worked hard to become Captain of his own submarine and is proud of his reputation of being able to keep his cool under stressful conditions. Hunter is a little lost at times, but is also determined to be the man he wants to be instead of the man others’ want him to be. He’s got a sense of humor that I really appreciated (so did David) and I liked how each man really seemed to bring out the best in each other. Not only were they lovers, but I could see the strong friendship start to form and develop between them as the story progressed.

The story itself moves smoothly and is fast paced. I thought Ms. Laine did an excellent job at describing military life and I enjoyed watching both David and Hunter really have to work out a way for them to be together.

If you are looking for a book that really shows the love, respect and friendship between the two romantic leads, Sub by Susan Laine is definitely the book for you! Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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