New Lives by Anel Viz

Title: New Lives
Author: Anel Viz
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 273
Characters: Multiple Characters
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Menage, Western, Crime, Fantasy
Kisses: 4


New Lives tells the stories of three people who leave their pasts behind to make a fresh start. Though the three never meet, others who have played a part in their lives do cross paths in unusual and unexpected ways.

Three people trapped in dead-end situations give up nearly everything they’ve ever known hoping to find a better future:

* Otis lives alone and without prospects in a dying Nevada village. He has lost hope the man who took advantage of him years ago will return and now dreams of becoming a porn star.

* Jared, an abused runaway, can’t stay forever with the kindly trucker who picked him up hitchhiking. They need to find a safe place for him to live.

* Larry Jordan, a closeted collector of valuable gay erotica, fears the residents of his conservative, middle-class community will soon discover his secret life. He has just one friend, whom he met only recently.

Three gay men who don’t know each other and never will, but whose stories intertwine in unusual and unexpected ways…

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title includes rape or near rape and she-male interaction.


What brings all of these stories together is the promise of being able to make new starts in life and the chance to reinvent yourself. They are also tied to together by one sexual object that is connected to each one of these men by one means or another.

Otis is a young man who is from a place in Nevada so small that less than 30 people live there. He’s made up his mind to go to Southern California and make his mark in the gay porn industry. Joe is an older ranch hand who introduces Otis to the joys of sex with another man.

Randy, a truck driver, and Jared, his temporary companion, come across a cowboy broken down on a deserted road in the middle of Montana and give him a ride to the ranch where he works. Jack Lingham is a cowboy broken down on the side of a deserted road in the middle of Montana. He offers Jared a job as a ranch hand after Randy decides he can’t keep taking him on the road with him.

Lawrence Jordan is a man who quietly collects rare and vintage sexual artifacts and keeps them in the attic of his house. He goes to Philadelphia to attend a silent auction and after he places a bid on a Mexican piece and meets an appraiser of rare objects d’art named Peck.

Pierce Roman is a famous star in the LA gay porn industry. He and his manager and life partner Jerry are making plans for Pierce to retire from the industry after making one last film.

I found this story by Anel Viz to be a delightfully different and unique tale that seamlessly combines the threads of many different people’s lives and their connection to a certain sexual object into a highly entertaining glimpse into the gritty and often sensual world of the LA gay porn industry, where people come from all over the country to reinvent themselves and hope that they are able to start new lives.

Reviewed By: Pat


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