Pavarus by Jennifer Wright

Title: Finding Home Book 1: Pavarus
Author: Jennifer Wright
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Pages: 192
Characters: Wesley, Remus
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Vampire, Paranormal, Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5


Thrown into another world where dangerous creatures live and rule, will Wesley stay and find love with a vampire, or will the terrors of an unknown realm have him running home?

On a camping trip in Louisiana, Wesley finds himself sucked down a hidden portal and thrown into another realm where he meets Remus, a warrior vampire. With the help of Remus, Wesley embarks on an adventure to find his way home, back to a world not filled with vampires and dragons and magic folk. Along his journey, the handsome vampire finds his way into Wesley’s heart. But will his love for Remus overcome his fears of the creatures that reign in this world?

Remus has never wanted a man before, but finds himself drawn to Wesley despite his denying efforts. He’s happy with his life as the commander of the vampires, and has had no interest in finding a mate. But after Wesley is kidnapped, Remus discovers his feelings for the man are stronger than he thought. Is he strong enough, though, to honour Wesley’s wish to return home, and let go of the man he loves?


Wow! I’ve read a lot of paranormal stories in the past few years, but I have to say that Pavarus by Jennifer Wright is one of my favorites I’ve ever read. In my opinion, it had a very fresh read on a well-used storyline and the characters in this book were all interesting, unique people who I found myself really caring about.

The blurb does an outstanding job at describing the story, so I won’t rehash a lot of it. Wesley has been talked into going on a camping trip with his current boyfriend and some of his boyfriend’s friends. To say that Wesley isn’t enjoying himself is an understatement. He’s not an outdoorsy type of guy and is really beginning to question his relationship with his boyfriend when through an interesting turn of events he suddenly finds himself waking in another world, surrounded by some very sexy, dangerous men.

Wesley totally feels like he’s out of his element. The men/warriors are fighting against monsters and although one of the men in particular, Remus, really fascinates him, he starts to immediately question what’s real and what could possibly be a dream. In the world he’s awakened too, there are many similarities between Earth and this place they call Pavarus. When Remus rescues Wesley and he is taken to a gothic looking castle, Wesley can’t help but be both fascinated and afraid by the situation he finds himself in. All of the warriors are kind to him, but the one person who intrigues him the most is Remus. But what can he do with his deep attraction toward the sexy Remus? After all, Wesley does not belong there and feels more and more homesick every day. Plus, there’s something odd about his rescuers and it’s obvious that there’s something Remus is hiding about himself to Wesley, and although Wesley starts feeling more than just friendship toward Remus, there is something that holds him back from completely giving his heart to him.

Remus doesn’t know what to do about Wesley. The human isn’t like anyone he’s every met before and the intense physical and emotional connection he feels toward Wesley is confusing to him. After all, he’s never been attracted to a man before. How can he be so drawn to the helpless male human? Allowing his head overrule his heart, Remus starts seeking out ways for Wesley to return home, but as the two men wait for possible information to get Wesley home, they start falling in love. Despite Remus’s best efforts he soon loses his heart to the sexy Wesley, but continues to be afraid of his feelings and what Wesley will do when he really finds out the truth of who he is.

Both Remus and Wesley were characters I really loved getting to know. They’re both stubborn and sometimes don’t always think before they act, but the respect, friendship and love they have for each other was very addictive to read. Both men are torn by their feelings for each other and as well as knowing that their love will possibly be short lived, due to Wesley needing to return home. I also loved the bond between them and thought the love scenes were very sexy, passionate and even romantic at times.

I also thought the other realm this author created was very unique and well written. I found myself becoming as fascinated with Pavarus as Wesley was. I also loved the paranormal aspect of the book (read it and find out what it is) and thought the secondary characters brought a lot to the story as well.

This was also a one-tissue read for me. There was an event in particular that really broke my heart as well as the outcome from it. But even though this was a tear-jerker for me at times, there are also some very lighthearted, funny moments in this as well. I thought the author did an excellent job at writing a dramatic, paranormal romance without it being bogged down with too much angst. Between the romance, action, mystery and adventure, Pavarus is one of my favorite paranormal books I’ve read this year. Since this is the first book in a series, I’m anxious to read more about these characters and the interesting lives they lead. Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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