Saying Goodbye at Ocean Isle by Kimberly Hunter

Title: Saying Goodbye at Ocean Island
Author: Kimberly Hunter
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 44
Characters: Sean, Laine
POV: 3rd
Sub genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 4.5


What would you do if you lost the love of your life?

What would you do when you finally had to let them go?

And what would you do if you were given a second chance at love?

For Laine Abernathy and Sean Pike, losing their lovers in tragic accidents was devastating. But over a year later, Laine has realized that holding on to the past is futile. Sean’s not ready yet to say goodbye. Deep inside, he knows he should. Unfortunately, the mind is willing but the heart isn’t.

Through grief and sadness, the two form a bond that develops into much more over the course of a month long stay at Ocean Isle Beach.

Then a night of passion sends Sean running. Thinking he’d pushed too hard, Laine returns to his life, disappointed and down. He’d shared something with Sean he never thought to have again.

Three months later, Laine receives a text. “Meet me at Ocean Isle. Need to say goodbye.”

Is his chance for happiness gone before it even begins? Or will two broken hearts finally be mended? There’s only one way to find out…


On the one year anniversary of the death of his partner of five years, Sean Pike is at Ocean Island trying to come to terms with his loss. He’s dozing on his couch when he hears an anguished scream outside his door. He runs outside to find a young man kneeling on the pier with tears running down his face and in shock.

After losing his partner of three years, Lance Abernathy has come to Ocean Island to mourn on the one year anniversary of his death. He knows he needs to move on but he hasn’t quite made peace with his loss yet. He walks to the end of the pier and throws his partner’s dog tags into the ocean as a symbol of his readiness to let his past go. He collapses on the pier sobbing and in shock from the strength of his emotions.

Sean and Laine spend the next three weeks slowly getting to know each other and find themselves becoming attracted to each other as well. One night the simmering passion comes to a head and Laine and Sean make love. Sean wakes up afterwards and feels a deep sense of guilt and leaves without a word and no explanation why.

After three months with no contact, Laine gets a cryptic text from Sean asking him to meet him at Ocean Island to say goodbye. Laine gets there as fast as he can and finds Sean waiting for him at the same cabin that he had stayed at three months before. Sean tells Laine that he has spent the last three months feeling guilty about sleeping with him and trying to forget what had happened between them, but without success. He realizes that he is ready to say goodbye to the memory of his partner and to start a new future with Laine.

I absolutely loved this bittersweet story of two men who are in pain and mourning the loss of their loved ones and the hard and often long process it takes to let go and start to move on with their lives. I actually cried reading about the heartbreak and pain the characters were going through and rejoiced when they were able to break through the shackles of their pasts and start thwarted healing process with each other.

Reviewed by Pat


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