Falling for Rain by Susan Laine

Title: Falling for Rain
Author: Susan Laine
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 210
Characters: Rain Deveraux, Matt Wetherton
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5


Matt Wetherton is just an average-looking tax attorney until he breaks up a gay bashing and unwittingly becomes a hero. He isn’t looking for a date, but when he meets the man he rescued, he finds himself longing for one anyway. Rain Deveraux is a beautiful, effeminate lounge singer—and utterly unwilling to be Matt’s damsel in distress, even if he does wear women’s clothing for his performances. When common courtesy prompts Rain to pay Matt a thank-you call, it’s the beginning of the romance of their lives.

Before long, Matt and Rain fall for each other hard and fast, but both men are stubborn: Rain clings to his right to express himself even though Matt worries for his safety. Despite their occasional clashes, the passion between them is undeniable.

When an accident compromises Rain’s independence as well as his singing voice, it tests the strength of their newfound relationship. It is up to Matt to help Rain find his music again before depression sullies the brightness in Rain’s soul.


I loved this book! Susan Laine is one of my favorite authors. I know when I’m in the mood for a well-written story with amazing heroes; I’ll reach for Ms. Laine’s books time and time again. She never disappoints me and not only are her books I’ll read over and over again, I’m always on the lookout for her newest release.

Matt is used to being overlooked. He believes he quite unremarkable most of the time and has a pretty steady routine as working as a tax attorney and then going home. One night he spots a man getting beat up by several thugs. Without a second thought, Matt immediately comes to the man’s aide and rescues him. Matt is surprised how feminine the man, Rain, is and despite his initial shock over Rain and Rain’s appearance, becomes quite fascinated with him. To his surprise, Rain shows up at his work very colorfully dressed and Matt is literally swept off of his feet by Rain’s zest for life and spunky nature. There is something about Rain that really resonates deep within Matt’s heart and he finds himself completely captivated by him.

Rain is used to be looked at and sometimes bullied by his feminine appearance. As a drag queen, he takes pride in using his own voice and fascinating his audience with the shows he puts on. When Matt comes to his rescue, he’s not really sure of what to think of him. Matt is definitely more reserved than the men he usually dates, but there is a sweet, sexiness about him that Rain is very attracted too. As the two men begin to get to know each other, a strong bond forms between them. Each man brings out the best in each other and they find a common ground and a love between them that really resonates off of the written page. When Rain is once again injured, Matt must step up to the plate and help Rain once again find the music he believes he’s lost as well as fight for the relationship he’s grown to need.

Both men are very well-written, likeable heroes. They both bring something very special to the book and I loved watching them fall in love. The love between them was strong and beautiful and I was quickly captivated by both characters and the story they told. Between the fast-paced storyline and the romantic feel to the book, Falling for Rain is one of my favorite books written by Ms. Laine and it definitely has earned a spot of my keeper shelf. I loved these two men and hope to read more about them in the future. Highly Recommended!

Reviewed By: Gabbi



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