Wolf Moon by Vic Winter

Title: Wolf Moon
Author: Vic Winter
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 41
Characters: Adam, Chuck, Tam
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance
Kisses: 4.5


Adam has been waiting for the first full moon after he turned twenty-one since he was fifteen and realized he had the shifter mutation. He’s been hanging out with Jef and the Alpha’s pack, eager to be shift so he can finally be accepted and have a family and home.

When the night in question arrives, though, Adam’s in for a terrible surprise as he shifts into something most certainly not a wolf. Can ranger Chuck and eagle-shifter Tam convince him that he’s not only perfect just as he is, but doesn’t need wolf-shifters to find his home?


Adam has been anxiously awaiting the first full moon that happens after his 21st birthday since he was fifteen and realized that he had the shifter mutation. He’s been hanging out with Jeff and his pack waiting for his first shift so that he can finally have the acceptance and family that he’s never had before.

When the night finally arrives, Adam does shift, just not into what he expected he would. After he is attacked and injured by the wolf pack, he escapes and is found by Chuck, a park ranger, and Tam, his eagle shifter partner. As the two men nurse him back to health, they help him realize that he doesn’t need to be a wolf shifter to be accepted and that home can be in the last place you would expect.

I really, really liked this story by Vic Winter. He’s able to take an old standby and bring it to life by giving it an original and unique twist. If you want something different that’s guaranteed to entertain you, read it!

Reviewed By: Pat


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